The ABCs of Back-to-School Shopping Behaviors [infographic]

BreakingModern — Shopping is a big part of the Back to School (B2S) season. Kids need new kicks, after all. According to a recent report on ABC 7 News in San Francisco, 29 million parents will be refreshing their children’s wardrobes this year.

Many years ago, parents and their kids would jump into the family station wagon and drive to the nearest mall. After an afternoon of frantic shopping, everyone would return home with bags of new clothes and pencils. But these days, B2S shopping has migrated to the comfort of the Internet.

For instance, compared to 2014 the number of people who shop online has increased by eight percent. The malls are still busy of course. But online shopping offers a respite for weary parents and fidgety kids.

Even while visiting Target or Walmart or any other brick and mortar store, one in three people stay connected to their mobile devices. It’s no surprise that people chose Facebook as their favorite social media platform to share their purchases and alert friends to sale items.

With all the preparation for school, U.S. News recommends that parents make a checklist for the big annual shopping spree. In addition to this, it’s probably a great idea to talk to the kids to see if they are feeling any sort of anxiety.

Check out this infographic to learn more about how consumers are shopping for the back to school season.


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