How to Add Your Favorite Team’s Schedule to Your Calendar

BreakingModern — As a football fan with an absolute favorite team, I tend to plan my week around the next game. I mean, just because we’re talking about tailgate parties for home games and hanging out in sports bars for away games, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be organized about it.


I like to insert my favorite team’s game schedule directly into my calendar. Fortunately, most universities understand this passion and have therefore made the schedule available to us for free. Here is how it works, using my favorite team, the University of Louisville Cardinals, as an example.



The first step is to browse to your favorite team’s website, which you probably already have bookmarked. If not, just search the school name and “football schedule.” The University of Louisville page lists the schedule with several options, including Email, Print, and a peculiar one called “Subscribe.”

It is the Subscribe link we are looking for, your college team may use different terminology, but the iCal download and iCal import options should be on the schedule page somewhere. The import option will open your calendar app and add the schedule to it automatically. On the other hand, the download option will place a file on your computer which you can then use to insert the schedule into your calendar app manually.

I prefer the download option because it gives me more control, but you should choose the option best for you.



If you download the iCal file, inserting the schedule into Outlook works like this. Double-click the iCal file you downloaded and the schedule will be added to Outlook as a separate calendar. You can leave it as a separate calendar, or you can incorporate it into your main calendar.

If you use the Google Calendar app, you can manually add the schedule using similar steps. From Google Calendar, click the gear icon and then open the settings screen. On that page click the import calendar link and then choose the file and which calendar should display the schedule. Click import when you are ready.


Go Team!

Now that you have your favorite teams schedule in your calendar, you can make appropriate plans for the week. The great thing about subscribing to your team’s calendar is that the game schedule will update automatically next year. This method should work for other sports too. College basketball season is just around the corner after all.

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