Threes! for Android: Daily App Pick

BreakingModern — Today’s app pick is Threes for Android.  It’s a puzzle-math game that reminds me a lot of those old school plastic puzzles we used to get out of the free toy chest in the doctor’s office. Remember the ones where you would slide the plastic tiles around the square board until you unscrambled the picture? Yeah, well, Threes for Android is like that, only way more fun and with numbers.

How Threes for Android Works

The premise is simple enough. Slide the tiles around to merge two threes into a six, sixes into a 12, 12s into a 24 and so on. When you move one tile, you move all the tiles. You start at the bottom, with ones and twos, which add together into threes. And it escalates from there. Threes for Android sounds really simple and probably not very fun — but reading about it and playing are two completely different things. You have to play it in order to fully appreciate the addictiveness of the puzzle. Plus, number games keep the brain sharp.

So Social

I also really dig the social aspect of Threes for Android. You can sign in with your Google+ account and the game will rank you against other people in your circles. There are leaderboards for high score, high card and the most cards for any given number. Get the game installed and circle me on Google+ so we can play on the same scorecard. Threes for Android costs $1.99 and is available at GooglePlay.  There are versions available on Apple iTunes and at the Amazon app store,  if that’s your thing. I know a lot of you might not like paying for games, but if you don’t support the developers of these cool apps, no one is going to want to develop them. You don’t want to be stuck with subpar freemium games for the rest of your life, do you? Threes for Android is an app I come back to again and again. That’s why it’s my app pick today. For BMod, I’m . All Screenshots: Mat Lee Featured/Header Image: Drei by Jukka Zitting via Flickr

Mat Lee

Author: Mat Lee

Based in Kalispell, MT, Mat Lee is a senior contributor at He writes hip hop, makes podcasts, and dabbles in gaming in his spare time. Follow Mat Lee on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

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