Cocktail Flow for Android: Daily App Pick

BreakingModern — How’s your Fuzzy Navel, Rusty Nail and Black Russian? Make them right and get in plenty of practice before the holidays — start using today’s app pick, Cocktail Flow for Android.

Available now for free on Google Play and Apple iOS, Team Distinction’s Cocktail Flow for Android doesn’t have the largest cocktail recipe inventory online. And the app isn’t perfect. But its cocktail recipes are top quality, say all the bartenders we had look at it. That’s saying a lot.

There are three possible page views for each cocktail in Cocktail Flow’s catalog. One has its photo and ingredients, the other has the recipe and the third presents you with similar cocktails.

cocktail-flow-for-androidOr you can explore your catalog of cocktails more broadly by using the Categories tab. There you can pick your poison, as it were, by base liquor type, color and style.

The five bartenders who looked at Cocktail Flow at my behest liked this app’s ability to select a cocktail at random — fun! Another popular use case was to add its build-in free packages — shooters and non-alcoholic — to the, ahem, mix.

And what if you’ve got an old bottle of vermouth you’re not sure how to use just hanging around? This is where an app like Cocktail Flow truly comes in handy. Its Shopping section lets you enter what you’ve got (pretty much anything) — and it tells you how many drinks and what kinds of drinks you can make with it, as well as what mixers you could buy to take it even farther.

Install Cocktail Flow for Android and let us know what you think.

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All screenshots: Gina Smith

Cover Image 2: Cocktails mit Schirmchen, Wikipedia.

Gina Smith

Author: Gina Smith

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