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BreakingModern — Eating. What’s better than eating? You’d do it all the time if you could. But if you’re like most adults in this cruel world, if you want to eat, you need to be able to cook. Which means tedious activities like figuring out what to eat, what to buy to make the food you want to eat or how to make said food. All of this can be overwhelming, especially if you’re hungry. And if you’re not careful, you can end up with an unsatisfying (and bloat-inducing) diet of pasta and instant ramen.

Luckily, fellow lazy cooks, we live in the future, with apps to help you figure out what you should or should not make for dinner, and how to make it.

lazy cooks


Do you have piles of food in your house but no idea what you could make with them? Or do you buy food and then, with dismay, realize it’s already expired? Whisk solves that problem by suggesting recipes for food like stale bread or overripe bananas, decreasing waste as well as the amount of money you spend buying fresh foods. Even if the food hasn’t started to seem less than edible, you can search for recipes featuring whatever you have in your pantry, from basil to broccoli to brisket.

Whisk also lets you know what foods are in season, helping you pick an ingredient when it’s the ripest (or freshest, or whatever). But the best part? You’ll never have to create your own shopping list again. When you select a recipe (or, if you want to limit your trips to the store, a bunch of recipes), the app automatically generates a grocery list with all the essentials. And no more forgetting grocery lists at home, either — as long as you have your phone, you have your list.


If you find yourself unable to think of a single meal you want for dinner, or end up always defaulting to the same boring meal night after night, or if you love snickering when someone uses an excessive amount of swear words, WTFSIMFD might be for you.

The NSFW website name stands for What the Fck Should I Make for Dinner, and features none of the fancy pictures or searchable thousand-page lists of recipes you find on most cooking sites. No, WTFSIMFD is just a white webpage with black letters shouting out one solitary recipe suggestion at a time. The suggestions range from “EAT A PILE OF FCKING LAMB STEW” to “LESSEN YOUR MOTHER’S SHAME WITH SOME FCKING SPINACH AND MISHROOM CREPES.” Click on the name of the food for the recipe. If you don’t like the suggestion, click “I DON’T FCKING LIKE THAT,” or if you’re a vegetarian, “I DON’T F*CKING EAT MEAT,” and another potential meal will be generated posthaste. There’s beauty in simplicity, isn’t there?

lazy cooks


You keep hearing that terrible, scary ingredients are making their way into what look like healthy foods. But what are you going to do, memorize words like “propylene glycol alginate” and scan all food purchases for offending elements? Meticulously research cleaner food options and hope your grocery store stocks them? Who has time for that?

Fooducate does, actually. Scan your chosen product’s barcode and the app searches for any dangerous ingredients and gives you a breakdown of all the good and bad qualities in the food. If you’re too lazy to read all that, just check the food’s letter grade at the top of the page and compare how it ranks to other items in that food category. The app also works as a meal tracker, helping you fill your daily quota with quality foods instead of just counting calories.

Not sure whether to trust this app’s info? Consider this: the app won first prize in U.S. Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge.


Did you read this whole article thinking, “No way will I do any of that stuff”? Are you too lazy to crack an egg or drive to the grocery store? Don’t worry, you won’t starve to death. For the nights (or weeks, or months) you simply can’t be bothered to cook, there’s always takeout. And if you’re a major city (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco or Los Angeles, to be exact) you have Seamless and its huge variety of rankable, rateable, searchable delivery options at your fingertips.

And you never have to leave the couch. Hallelujah.

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