Blitz: The League II [review]

BreakingModern – Are you ready for another flashback review? This time it’s Blitz: The League II by Midway. I know what you’re thinking: Midway’s old, it released arcade games for the Atari PlayStation no less. But Blitz: The League II isn’t just some random Madden rehash, it’s a unique game full of cool new features bound to please any fan of football games out there.


Starting out, you’re able to customize your team using a wide variety of colors and logos. You’re also able to customize the protagonist in your campaign, a superstud known by the nickname of Franchise.

Franchise is able to play both offense and defense and he serves as your team’s captain. You can change Franchise’s name, ratings and position, but unfortunately you’re unable to change his basic look.

The campaign itself has a nice story to it, revolving around the conflict between Franchise and the league’s commissioner. Commissioner Hanson wants to create a new superpowered team called the L.A. Riot, and he wants Franchise to be drafted by that team. Naturally, Franchise only wants to play for his hometown squad (your team). The conflict leads to complications throughout the game and the storyline heats up as your team competes during three consecutive seasons.

Every team in the league has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to be flexible with your game plan. There are even variations in the campaign including one contest of prison ball (I’m not going to say what landed Franchise in prison. I write spoiler-free reviews).

The gameplay of Blitz: The League II is unlike any football game you’ve ever seen before. There’s a feature known as the “clash meter” and it’s used to launch cool moves such as QB evades, dirty hits and clash catches. Every time you deploy one of these moves, you get a clash icon. But be forewarned: You’ll zap the meter every time you go into clash mode.


There’s a reason you want to acquire clash irons. Once you get six of them, your clash meter becomes an unleash meter. This allows you to unleash some extremely sick moves on your opponent (these unleash meters basically boost your previous clash moves). As a result, Blitz II offers extremely different gameplay than conventional football games. Also worth mentioning: there are no penalties in these games. Everything is rough and dirty.

Midway has also put great effort into supplemental characters such as commentators and cheerleaders (strippers). The awesome end zone celebrations are LOL funny too.

Overall I would give Blitz: The League II a 9/10. As a football game, it’s almost all I could ask for: a wide variety of unique teams, awesome graphics and fun gameplay. And I also appreciate the in-depth storyline and (fairly) dark, mature premise. Blitz: The League II is available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii.

For BMod, I’m Puching Zhang.

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