Breaking Android Episode 011

BreakingModern – Welcome to Episode 11 of Breaking Android. I’m your host, Mat Lee. Here’s the latest news from the world of Android. On this show, I’m talking Xiaomi, Flappy Bird for Android Wear and SnoopSnitch.

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Breaking Android Broken Down

Xiaomi Valuation

Remember in an episode or two back how I briefly mentioned Xiaomi? How they were one of the more profitable Android manufacturers when compared to the larger ones, like Samsung. Android Authority is reporting that after this latest round of fundraising, Xiaomi is now the most valuable technology start-up with a valuation of $46 billion. That’s 46 Instagrams, value-wise, for those of you keeping track at home.

Flappy Bird Port Comes to Android Wear

Next up, what’s the thing you can’t live without on your Android Wear device? If you said Flappy Bird, I can’t really take you seriously anymore. But the Internet being what it is, that’s the reality. From the mind that ported classics like Minecraft, Doom, Windows 95 and even GTA III onto his Android Smartwatch, Flappy Bird is now ready! Read more about it on Phandroid.


If you remember a while back there was a lot of talk about cell tower spoofing. It’s definitely not going away. If you want to make sure you are always connected to a proper tower, and not some fake forwarder, SnoopSnitch will help. The app was developed by German mobile security researchers at SRLabs and presented at the Chaos Computer Congress security conference in Hamburg this past December. They say SnoopSnitch can tell when a mobile device is switching from a legitimate cell tower to an IMSI catcher. Check out the article here on Tom’s Guide, and here on Motherboard. If you have a rooted phone that has a Qualcomm chipset, download the app here on Google Play.

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