Breaking Android Episode 012: Android News and Views

BreakingModern – Welcome to Episode 12 of Breaking Android. I’m your host, Mat Lee. This week I cover my wild trip to Las Vegas for the CES 2015 show. And I review the cool 360Hero. Check it out. Full show notes below the fold.

Breaking Android Broken Down

I just got back from CES and saw so much cool stuff there. Out of the roughly two miles of floor space, I covered a very small section, and even that was overwhelming at times. There’s just literally too much to see.

Let’s talk cameras

HTC had a crazy looking setup outside the Fashion Mall showing off its new RE camera. This device is pretty cool if you’ve ever wanted to separate your camera from your phone. Weird concept, right? I know. But you have to actually play with one of these to really appreciate it. It has a wide field of view, just like a GoPro. Speaking of comparing the RE to a GoPro, Rob Triggs wrote a great comparison on Android Authority about it. You could spend $130 on an entry-level GoPro, which has a 5 MP sensor in it, or you could snag a new RE for $200, which has a 16 MP sensor. In my experience, the RE will work a little better, too.

Speaking of GoPros, another cool camera we saw at CES was the 360Hero. This is a 3d printed, high strength, aircraft flexible nylon holder that you can put a bunch of GoPros in. They then record everything, all around you, all the time. This is another one you really need to see in action to fully appreciate. It’s definitely meant for professionals, with the H3 Pro 6 going for $495, sans GoPros. You can check out samples of what the 360Hero can do on the website, and make sure to check out the Android app. Keep checking back for my in-depth article on it, too.


Let’s end on a gamey note. While I was at CES, my girlfriend and I took some time to ride the roller coaster and play in the arcade at the New York, New York. While we were there we noticed a really odd thing. They had full size arcade game versions of smartphone games. Being an Android nerd, this was extra funny to me, because people actually pumped money into these life-sized game cabinets, while you can be playing it on your phone for free. After doing a little research, we found this article on TechEblog. Check out how excited this kid is to play these games. It’s so good. Maybe I’ll get paid to play games in my next life.

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