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BreakingModernInternational CES 2015 reflects the beginning of a long experimental trend in technology. Sensors, gadgets and full-blown tech have entered our lives completely, so this year at CES companies will test new ideas for those technologies. They will throw everything they can against the wall to see what sticks. Over 20,000 new products will be launched at CES this year.

Wearable Tech & Health

Will the most popular wearable tech be the one that gives us the most connectivity, the longest battery life or the most customization of our lives? Expect to see watches that monitor body fat and sleep as well as devices that will coach you to achieve your goals. It is expected that there will be 400 percent more smartwatches at CES this year.

Connected Homes

Belkin, LOWES, BeeWi and others will offer competing proprietary whole-house solutions. Others will have one-off solutions. So, if you just want to control the lighting or heat in one room, you’ll be able to do that and much more.


Expect to see more than 100 different types of Drones at CES this year. All will be jostling for position to see where and how they fit into our new high-tech world.

ces 2015 pre event talk

Shawn DuBravac addresses show-goers at pre-show activities

Internet of Things

There’ll be everything from an Internet-connected 9-Volt battery to a device that determines which parent will be roused to take care of the crying baby. Whether it’s an Internet-connected crockpot or a fridge that orders your groceries, it will be displayed and tested at CES 2015.

Some (digital) food for thought: Over a short time it is expected that more than 50 billion objects will be Internet-connected.

3-D Printing

This year 3-D printers will proliferate and prices will be much lower than ever before. CES 2015 will show off a myriad of options — new and old, tested and super experimental. Whether you want to print in chocolate or create body organs, there will be a 3-D printer ready for you.

4K Ultra TVs

Although they have struggled with content and codecs in 2014, in a keynote on Sunday, Shawn Dubravac, CEA chief economist predicts that 4 million 4K Ultra TV units will be sold in 2015, with more content appearing consistently. Expect OLED screens, curved screens and more intelligent Internet-connectivity.

Automated Vehicles

Auto and related products will take up a lot of space at CES this year with incremental advances leading toward the fully automated vehicle of the future.

Virtual Reality

While still not quite there, companies will be testing the limits of this technology.

Customized user experiences

Expect to see all this digitization converge to create more customized user experiences. Sensors will monitor our environment, our health and even our emotions. Put that all together and the new Internet-connected devices will be able to predict exactly what we want and provide what we need.

So, all that remains to be seen is which devices and technologies will stick. Digitalization can change every human experience. From shopping to entertainment, our lives have been changed by technology and they will continue to change. Now all that remains to be seen is which devices launched during CES 2015 will turn out to be meaningful for the average consumer and which will continue to augment our daily lives. What an exciting time in technology!

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