CES 2015 Newsmakers

BreakingModern — Every year before CES starts there are press conferences and product announcements that herald the coming year in technology. This year is no different. Announcements have included everything from marginal technologies to true game changers. Here are just of few of those that will affect you in the coming years, all coming from CES 2015.

Sling TV

The biggest game changer for television viewers is Sling TV by Dish Network. This brings à la carte menu choices from major networks to the streaming world for the first time. For $20 a month you get access to ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, Adult Swim, Travel Channel, Disney Channel, Food Network and HGTV.

Sling Dish TV CES 2015

Additional channels will eventually be available. Sling TV represents a tipping point in streaming content. Use your Roku, Fire TV, mobile device, Xbox, Samsung or LG Smart TV for access. No satellite needed. No long-term contracts either.

4K UltraHD TV Competition

LG announced a new quantum dot technology called ColorPrime that makes your television display offer an extremely wide color palette and enhanced color saturation. The new technology works by harnessing nano crystals (the size of these crystals, by the way, is between two to 10 nanometers). Because of this new quantum dot technology, LG TVs will feature improved picture quality.

Samsung will also have new SUHD-TV technology with nano crystal semiconductors. The company says its tech will feature richer colors than OLED. Samsung televisions will rely heavily on the benefits of curved screens.

CES 2015 Newsmakers samsung 4k TV

Automotive Technology

OLED is coming to cars. BMW will use OLED tail lights in its new concept car. Smart laser lights will be used in the headlights.

The new Volkswagen Golf Touch is not a concept car. It will be available soon for about $35,000. It features three display screens and gesture-based haptic controls.

volkswagen golf touch CES 2015 newsmakers

Smart Televisions Get New Software

The Firefox OS will be making its debut on the big screen as Mozilla partners with Panasonic to use its open source mobile operating system on smart TVs. The partners hope this will bring an easier interface to help navigate HDTV content.

LG is countering with an updated WebOS 2 interface, which will provide faster and easier access. Samsung will rely on its updated Tizen interface to do the same.

Home Appliances

LG washing machines let you do two loads of laundry at once, putting the concept of laundry on its head. Samsung, not to be outdone, moves the laundry tub into the top of the washing machine. The company will also release a robotic vacuum cleaner — finally a high-end competitor to the Roomba!

CES 2015 newsmakers_washer_with_tub


Headphones and Bluetooth speakers are everywhere at CES this year. You have to stop and listen to realize that many of them have phenomenal sound quality. Samsung is also poised to improve television sound quality this year with omnidirectional sound for its SUHD TVs.

Meanwhile Google has announced that its Chromecast device will now enter the growing connected speaker market. The Chromecast will be ready for streaming audio to speakers and soundbars with a technology called Google Cast for Audio. Sony, LG and Denon are all featuring Chromecast-ready connected speakers.

There is little doubt that these and other newsmaker announcements made at CES this year will affect all of our lives in the near future. The home and car environments are improving quickly, and entertainment options and quality keep getting better and better.

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Body/Featured images: Sandy Berger

Volkswagen Golf image: Courtesy of Volkswagen

Header image: Mat Lee

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