CES 2015: Show Floor Highlights

BreakingModern — As journalists, we spent our time at CES walking several miles on the show floor in search of the technology gems of the year. But even though the convention features 3,600 exhibitors, there are surprisingly few groundbreaking items and announcements. The hall is packed with more mundane everyday items. Here’s what it looked like:

Cell Phones and Tablets

This year, as usual, cell phone and tablet cases took the forefront. There was plenty of bling and tons of digital watches. Philips even exhibited an entire wall of remote controls.

Bluetooth Speakers and Audio

One of the biggest product areas this year was wireless Bluetooth speakers. The bright colors of these devices made the show floor a maze of blue, green, pink and purple. They were quite visually appealing with a variety of shapes and sizes.

CES 2015 audio

Even though Bluetooth speakers were everywhere, other audio speakers and equipment also took up a lot of floor space. There was a resurgence in large speakers and a big interest in quality audio reproduction.


Headphones of all shapes and sizes lined the walkways at CES 2015. There was everything from very tiny earbuds to large, bulky over-the-ear headphones. This year’s headphone sets are available in bright colors. One thing they all have in common: The audio quality is getting better and better.

ces 2015 headphones

Virtual Reality

Everyone was trying out virtual reality devices. Some were walking on treadmills or trying out large relaxation chairs.

CES 2015 virtual reality


This year automakers made a big splash at CES, taking up 165,000 square feet of exhibit space. From Mercedes to Ford to Toyota, new auto technologies and concept cars were all over the show floor. While new concepts were showcased at all the auto booths, some of the technology is here now. Take the new Volkswagen Golf Touch. It has three display screens on the dashboard that can be controlled by in-air hand motions. It will be available next month.

CES 2015 automobiles

This year’s CES was the most colorful it’s ever been, even if many of the products felt like improvements, rather than innovations. Although it was a bit crowded, I was happy to share my CES experience with more than 170,000 other techies.

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All screenshots: Sandy Berger  / Kwilt

Sandy Berger

Author: Sandy Berger

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