CES 2015: It’s a Wrap with Everything You Need to Know

BreakingModern — What a great year for high-tech gadgets and gizmos! CES 2015 dazzled us with the complete range of innovative new things in every aspect of tech. Here are the highlights, in no particular order.

CES 2015 Wrap Up


Announcements on UHD TV (4K) abounded. Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services will take the lead in providing content. Both Samsung and LG announced new crystal dot technology in its 4K TVs, but each company has a proprietary technology for this. Both are spectacular with Samsung relying on curved screens and its SUHD technology while LG relies on its OLED screens.

In addition, each manufacturer will have a different interface for their smart TVs. Samsung is touting its own Tizen interface, while LG has a speedier version of its WebOS interface. Later this Spring Panasonic will introduce a TV interface powered by Firefox.

For consumers all this adds up to outstanding color and clarity and wonderful Smart technology in TVs. Not to mention this will make buying a new television more complicated than ever.

Streaming Content

Dish Network’s announcement of Sling TV, a $20 a month streaming service for about a dozen TV channels like ESPN, Food Network and CNN, is poised to change the industry. Providing popular channels, including sports, without a subscription to cable or satellite is a bold move that is sure to shake up the entire industry. This CES 2015 debut came on the heels of HBO and CBS announcing late last year its plans to release cable-free subscription services. So, it’s clear the industry is moving in that direction. Get ready.

CES 2015 Wrap Up

Connected Home

From door locks to lightbulbs to alarms to garage door openers, the smart connected home is on its way to you. Several large companies are vying for the lead. Lowe’s Iris, Belkin’s WEMO and Staples Connect are just a few of those with a proprietary connection methodology. Even though Apple wasn’t at the show, its recently announced HomeKit had many manufacturers like iDevice already advancing the Apple HomeKit for connectivity.


Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

If you have a smartphone or tablet and listen to music, there’s probably a Bluetooth speaker or headphone set in your future. Hundreds of colorful speakers and headphones were showcased at CES 2015. The sound quality of these audio devices made a huge leap forward this year, making them a must-have for music lovers.

Wearables and Health

Everyone and his uncle showed off a digital watch that counts steps at CES this year. Several of these devices will also help control your sleep patterns, assess your BMI and coach you to maintain healthiness. While what we saw at CES was good, the upcoming release of Apple’s iWatch was, and is, on everyone’s mind. Whether it’s an iWatch or an Android device, many will take to wearing a health monitoring device this year. Watch the health industry for other breakthroughs as well.

CES Wrap Up


With the improvements in smartphone cameras, it seems that no one really needs to carry a separate camera around all the time. The industry, however, has stepped up to introduce other types of specialized cameras. Watch for dash cams and go-cams to proliferate this year.

The fast-paced world of technology is moving at a very rapid clip. What we saw at CES 2015 will filter down to consumers faster than ever. This may be the year for you to add a dash cam to your car, a fitness device to your wrist, a speaker to your phone or a streaming device to your living room.

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