CES 2015: Just a Few of My Favorite Things

BreakingModern — CES is filled with both fun gadgets and useful ones. Here are a few of the many I found at the Pepcom Press Exhibit during CES 2015. Enjoy.



Play games on your shoes — Kids, there’s no reason to carry around a portable device. You can now play games on your shoes. Sketchers presented Game Kicks, a memory matching musical light-up game you can play on your shoe. It’s innovative and fun.

Gaming computerAlienware announced some great new gaming systems with Intel Core i7 quad-core processors and NCVDIA GTX graphics that can be used with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier. For gaming fun, these things really zip.


Step up to the Bar — The Brookstone Perfect Drink maker will let you be the best bartender on the block. It helps you measure and control ingredients right in front of your friends.



Dashcams — Polaroid announced several new photo devices including a small 2″x 2” portable Polaroid Cube camera in bright colors. But even more useful are its new dashcams. The Full HD 1080p video camera will capture the unexpected. The G-Sensor automatically starts recording when a collision is detected and it locks the film so it can’t be easily deleted.


Open up that Laptop — On most laptops you can replace the memory and the battery, but you can’t do much more without dismantling the entire case. Several of HP’s new laptops have completely removable backs. Just look at this laptop. The back came off in less than a minute and almost all the components are accessible.

Learning Textbooks – Are you smarter than a 4th grader? If not, you can be with McGraw Hill Education’s new Smartbooks. They offer an extremely personalized learning system. First, read the book, then take the test. The tests are specifically worded and coded to test your real understanding of the subject. If the book determines that you didn’t understand something, it will present it again in a different format until you catch on. Where was this when I was in high school and college? (Let alone 4th grade!)

Whole home connectivity -Iris by Lowes has added several sensors to its whole-house monitoring. Especially useful are its “leak detection” modules, which can automatically turn the water off if a leak is detected. If you have ever had a flood in your home, you’ll want to get this.

That’s just a few of the great gadgets at the Pepcom Press exhibit this year. You can read about even more here so stay tuned.

Live from CES 2015 and for BMod, I’m .

All images: Sandy Berger

Sandy Berger

Author: Sandy Berger

Based in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Sandy Berger is a veteran tech journalist and reviews editor at aNewDomain.net covering tech tips and tricks, apps, gadgets, and consumer electronics. Follow @sandyberger on Twitter, +SandyBerger on Google+, and on Facebook.

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  1. “when a collision is detected and it locks the film so it can’t be easily deleted.”

    Why would that be good? If I caused the accident I would want easy delete capability. Fail.

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