College Football Scoreboard: App Review

BreakingModern — For the true fan, keeping track of your favorite college football team inspires more internal passion than tracking your Twitter feed or your best friend’s selfies. Of course, you want to know more than just the score, you want to know everything, all the news, all the drama. Well, that is why the College Football Scoreboard was created.

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Feed Your Passion

College Football Scoreboard is an advertisement-supported app for both Android (2.3 and up) and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. I am reviewing the Android version.

To get the most out of the app, you’ll want to register and sign in. This will allow you to save your favorite team, receive push notifications and post messages in the forums. Of course, this will also put your email on their marketing list, but that is the cost to be paid for a “free” app.

college football

I picked my favorite team, the University of Louisville, and the conference I was most interested in, the ACC, as my defaults and now I’m ready for action.

Click on the Live Feed button and you can catch up on all the latest news for your favorite team. On game day, this is where you’ll track scores and watch for upsets and injury reports. When you check the Schedule tab you’ll see the games to be played in your chosen conference and you’ll have the opportunity to drill down for the details on each game.

college football

If you want to talk trash to your friends, or perhaps even to perfect strangers, the app provides you access to social media like Twitter and Facebook, and to in-app message forums, where you can trade barbs with fellow fans.

There are also screens showing the top 25 teams in the polls so you can keep track of the national championship contenders — you never know when an upset may be brewing. And as the college football season progresses you’ll also want to keep track of the conference standings — there is a section for that important bit of business too.

college football


Football, whether you are talking about the college game or the NFL, has become a weekly national obsession. To keep on top of everything football while on the go you need the right apps. For the college game, the College Football Scoreboard app is tough to beat. It is free, easy to use and oh so useful.

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Mark Kaelin

Author: Mark Kaelin

Based in Louisville, KY., Mark W. Kaelin is a tech and gadget writer who also covers fine living for us here at BreakingModern.

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