Creatography Spotlight: Mark Flesch

BreakingModern — Mark Flesch is a triple threat: musician, producer and six-second filmmaker. Not only does Flesch have his own record label, Mark’s Basement Records, but he’s created over 300 original songs and remixes during the past year. His involvement with social media and his love to experiment with music — like using three HTC One M8s at once — has allowed him to collaborate with a wide range of musicians. His inspiration comes from that collective involvement and, with his recent transition to full-time producer, Flesch is gearing to focus on his passion this year.

Mark Flesch

We caught up with Flesch to hear about his love for music, what his role has been like in Creatography with HTC and what he’s working on now. Check out the interview below.

BMod: If you had a tagline for yourself what would that be?

Mark Flesch: Lately, I’ve been going with Vine’s #1 Producer. It’s a little bit confident sounding, but there’s not any made producers on Vine — that’s what I go with.

BMod: When did you realize you were passionate about music?

Mark: I’ve been passionate for music for about a decade, at least a decade.

BMod: In what order did becoming a producer, experimental musician and six-second filmmaker happen?

Mark: I was definitely a musician first and then, because I wanted to record my own music, I became a producer. Vine came along just a year ago. So, in that order I would say musician, producer and six-second filmmaker.

BMod: What are you working on now? Would you like to share it with BreakingModern?

Mark  Actually, there’s something big coming up in the new year. Most people don’t realize this but I have a day job and I’ve actually quit my day job. I’m going to go full-time as [a] producer and [will be] launching a new website. And, basically day-in, day-out, I’m going to be doing business as a producer now. The name, something big, I’m going to be changing the name to Mark’s Records.

Mark Flesch

BMod: You’re influenced by your hobbies (sci-fi movies, video games), but are there other places you draw inspiration from?

Mark: I mean just other musicians really. The big thing that’s happened with Vine is I got to work with people I would have never met. So there’s a lot of music that I probably would never have made if I hadn’t met some of the people off of Vine and YouTube and all those places, and the Internet, too.

BMod:Which do you think is the best project you’ve created so far?

Mark: There’s a couple of albums that I have on Soundcloud — like, complete albums — that I am pretty happy with. But I am looking forward to, in the new year, when I have more time, I am going to be putting a lot of effort into full instrumental albums that will probably have 5-10 tracks that are all original music. I like the remixes and stuff that I get to do, but I think the original music and original tracks I put in are what I’m most proud of.

BMod: You mentioned in the HTC video that the best advice you got was “Focus on something and perfect it.” If there’s one message you can share with your audience, what would it be?

Mark: I can expand on that … now that I’m finally quitting my day job. If you really love what you’re doing, as an artist, your day job can get in the way sometimes, but it can also be the only fund to your dream. I guess my short form of that would be — I don’t like using clichés — I would say just focus on something until you perfect it but then at the same time fit it in where you can. If you really love doing something, you’ll do it when you get the chance to and when you get the time to.

You can find Mark on a bunch of social platforms – including Soundcloud, YouTube, Vine and Twitter. Also check out our article featuring his photograph, Eyewitness Photo: Creatography with Mark Flesch.

For BMod, I’m Alicia Chinatomby.

All Images Courtesy of Mark Flesch

Disclaimer: HTC and aNewDomain Media co-produce this site, and it’s editors and writers are paid accordingly.

Alicia Chinatomby

Author: Alicia Chinatomby

Based in New York City, Alicia Chinatomby covers trends and personalities for BreakingModern. Follow her at @AliciaC_7 on Twitter.

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