Don’t Tap the White Tile for Android: Daily App Pick

BreakingModern — Today’s Android app pick is a fun game I’ve been playing against my friends on Google+. It’s called Don’t Tap the White Tile, by Android developer Hu Wen Zeng, and it’s free on the Google Play Store.

Downloader beware: Don’t Tap the White Tile has tons of clones on the Play Store, but this particular version is fluid and has the proper leaderboard software so you can rank scores with your friends on Google+.

Don't Tap the White Tile Piano Tiles Search

Why I Play

I tend to like games that make the brain think. This is definitely one of those “stare at a screen and zone out with headphones for ten minutes” sort of experience. It’s Zen, in a way – tapping tiles to soothing piano music while your brain works on pattern recognition.

The point of the game, if you didn’t realize from the name, is to avoid tapping the white tiles. As you tap the black tiles each check point is measured in inches, as if you are playing on some long ruler. For someone who never got into the whole DDR and Guitar Hero craze, this game hooked me real quick. I didn’t like it at first, but once you get going, it’s hard to put down, especially if you are trying to beat someone’s high score.

Modal Magic

Don't Tap the White Tile Bomb ModeThere are a ton of different variations of the game within the app if you get bored of playing the Classic or Arcade mode. Look in the Arcade+ section to find some other cool modes. “Bomb” mode is exactly what it sounds like — there are skulls on certain black tiles that end the game when you tap on them. It makes your brain second guess itself, because you get so trained to tap the black tiles.

Don't Tap the White Tile Modes“Lightning” mode is another cool variation in the Arcade+ section. It’s just like the regular game, but every now and then the screen flashes like a lightning strike. It sounds silly, but it makes the game quite difficult.

“Double” mode takes the normal game and adds more than one black tile per line here and there. It’s fun to watch how quickly your brain builds muscle memory when playing games like this. It focuses your brain on a pattern, then when the game changes the pattern, your brain wants to continue with what it knows and has to take that extra split second to correct itself.

“Relay” mode gives you a countdown timer, and for every 8-, 10- or 12-inch check point you make, more time is added to the clock. As with all the game styles, you can set the option of the game by tapping.

Don't Tap the White Tile PopupFor a free game the ads aren’t that invasive, but you definitely notice them. They do have a setting that controls the ad display —  in the main menu tap on More, then tap Ad Options. You can choose either banner or popup. I like popup because then the game isn’t trying to show you a banner while you’re playing.

Don't Tap the White Tile Leaderboard GameCenter

Enabling the Google+ leaderboards works but is kind of weird. Hopefully they will fix this with a future update. Once you install the game, tap on More, then tap Profile, then tap Leaderboard. Make sure you have GameCenter checked. That will use the Play Games leaderboard, which is attached to your Google+ account.

The game is pretty fun to play on smaller tablets, but honestly, playing on a phone is the way to go. I tried it on my Moto X and my Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch, and it’s much easier to play on the smaller screen of the Moto X.

Don't Tap the White Tile LeaderboardGive Don’t Tap the White Tile a try – download it here in the Play Store or for Apple iOS.  Oh, and be sure to add me on Google+ so we can compete for non-white tile tapping dominance.

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Header Image Credit: Blue and white tiles by Procsilas MoscasFlickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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