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BreakingModern — I’ve had the opportunity to speak to some artists in the #Creatography community. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a community that started with HTC mobile phone fanatics who wanted to show off smartphone photography with a twist of extreme creativity. It’s fun to check out the hashtag #Creatography and see what you’ll find. Right now I’d like to share a photo by Colin Furze  to highlight his creatography profile and skills as part of the BreakingModern Eyewitness Photo series.

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colin furze eyewitness photo

“Cups of Tea and Chaos”

This photo, taken with an HTC One M8, makes me smile. It’s near and dear to my heart. Why? Because I’m a woodworker? No. Because I’m a craftsman of some sort? Nah! Not even close. It touches my heart because of the story in the image. What story do you see? I see a man who’s ready to tackle another day of creatography.

The workshop full of tools is chaotic yet strangely organized, all begging to be worked with. Then there’s the mug that I’m sure is the catalyst for getting this creatography party started. Like most people, I wake up each day with an action plan for all my daily tasks that need completed. I analyze the tasks and try to plan my attack strategy. Once I have a plan, I need that first sip of fresh brew to get going. Sip. It’s time to get things done. It’s time to dominate!

I also had the pleasure of picking Furze’s brain regarding his MO for creatography. Here are my questions and his responses:

BMod: What inspires your photos for creatography?

“The photos I love the most are the ones I take of my inventions/machines in my shed the moment they have been finished, but not tested. It’s at this point that they’re in the best condition and the feeling of achievement (or failure) is in the air.”

BMod: Do your shots (or videos) for creatography act as an extension of your personality? Thus giving you a certain type of style easily recognized by others? For example, most people can spot a Trey Ratcliff photo based on how he shoots and shares his HDR images.

“I have a homemade style with just enough professionalism added that people can relate to what they are watching, but at the same time not worry about bad angles and poor light, etc. I edit my videos [rather than photos] in a style which I think is distinct and could be recognized as a Furze video by others.”

I appreciate the photo above, as well as the feedback from Colin. Be sure to check out more of this in-depth article on Furze, a real life mad scientist.

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Featured image: Colin Furze

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