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BreakingModernCreatography is all about taking your multimedia to a new level. Creatographer Evan Hilton does just that as he develops immensely popular animations and Vine videos. I had the pleasure of checking out a smartphone photograph by Hilton filled with simplicity and beauty. Let’s look at this beautiful shot.

Evan Hilton eyewitness photo

I like this image. It makes me think about the long days of sitting at my desk, working on an endless array of projects as my brain processes mounds of data. It is exhausting. I look at this photo and think about Hilton, doing something I can relate to. He’s always working to create great animated shorts for his Vine feed, which I am sure is mentally taxing. And at the end of the day, he hits the open highway and heads home.

Personally, when I head home I enjoy the peace and tranquility of the open road. I hear the dull roar of the wind on my car. I hear the gentle rumble of the asphalt against my tires. I see the sun setting at the end of the long day. It’s a peaceful drive and probably the most relaxing part of my day. I wonder if this is what Hilton thinks, too. This photo is simple, has leading lines, depth and distance. But it also evokes a sense of tranquility.

I was able to ask Hilton about his photo and find out what stirs his creative juices.

BMod: What inspires your photos for creatography?

“I would say that nature inspires me for a lot of my photos. Nature is always changing and is always offering unique opportunities because of the changing seasons and unique land formations.”

BMod: Do your shots for creatography act as an extension of your personality, giving your work a certain style easily recognized by others?

I would say my photos and videos resemble my personality. I’m an introvert, so the nature photos typically involve locations that are very quiet. In the videos, I rarely show my face. I think my work attracts the creative community I would say.”

Make sure to follow Evan on his Vine to check out his amazing stop-motion animations and watch his Twitter feed for updates. Also check out this in-depth interview with Hilton on BreakingModern.

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Featured image: Evan Hilton

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