Smartphone Photo of the Day: Creatographer Mark Flesch

BreakingModernMark Flesch is a creatographer, music-maker and record label owner. He’s got mounds of talent, and we spoke with him for an in-depth interview. We also asked him to take a snapshot of his process, and, as you can see below, Leah the adorable pup is instrumental to his work.

mark flesch leah eyewitness photo

While Flesch is known primarily for his musical prowess, I’ll share my thoughts on this image in a typical smartphone photo of the day manner. It’s important to capture a mood, and Flesch nabbed Leah’s enviously comfortable position perfectly. The paw up front fits with the blurred lights in the back, providing depth for the viewer.

If it were me, I might have cropped the bottom of the photo tighter, as the 16:9 ratio can sometimes give too long a shot, and brought the diagonal line of the carpet to the bottom left of the image, providing more interesting symmetry. But that’s me.

I talked to Flesch about his process for photography, music and making videos. He said he liked to “try to get a unique angle on something I usually see in an ordinary way.” And, in reference to his style, he said,

“I think my shots pretty much line up stylistically with my audio and people recognize that. I try to give my experimental music the experimental visuals to match.”

Thanks Mark for sharing this cute photo of Leah and your Creatography insights with us here on BreakingModern. Be sure to check out Marks Basement Records, and his Vine channel.

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