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BreakingModern — What’s a fun thing to do with the kiddos while out at the park? Show them you can grab the sun! Ok, ok, I kid … somewhat. With just the right angle and point of view, you can show your family and friends you know how to grab the sun with your bare hand. Just use the technique known as forced perspective. With a forced perspective, you present your subject at a specific point of view, which changes its actual scale and size in relation to other objects in the frame.

In today’s Eyewitness Photo, I have the pleasure of showing off a shot shared with me by HTC Elevate member, Amit Shah, captured on his HTC One M8. Shah was at Amarsons Children’s Park at Breach Candy in Mumbai.

amit shah eyewitness photo

I do enjoy seeing smartphone photography shared from all over the world. I really love how Shah captured this shot to make it look like the sun is being held in his hand. Of course no one can put the sun in their palm, but with forced perspective you can certainly make it look like that. I would suggest trying to put the focal point on the hand in the shot to sharpen its details. Regardless the shot is cool … or, rather, hot!

Thanks for sharing this photo, Amit. Be sure to follow Amit on Twitter as well as on his Instagram page for more great #Oneography.

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Featured image: Amit Shah

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