Eyewitness Photo: Green Bay of California

BreakingModern —  Ok I know, I know, you’re looking at today’s headline and may think I’m taking a moment to gloat about my favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, recently defeating the New England Patriots. Well, I’m not this time. #GoPackGo!

Today I have the pleasure of sharing yet another beautiful Eyewitness Photo from a proud HTC smartphone owner. Ray Greer sent in this photo taken with his HTC One M8.

ray greer green bay of california eyewitness photo

Let’s take a look at the photo Ray took while on a hike in the California Bay Area. Greer mentioned that he did his touch up in the stock HTC photo editor. From the look of it, I’d like to say that the color saturation was adjusted as well as the brightness. The M8 did a great job of capturing the fine details of the subject and surrounding objects. The grain in the wood is clearly visible, as well as the individual blades of grass in the foreground.

Greer may not realize this, but he actually has two great images in that one capture. First, the shot that we’re sharing here on BreakingModern. The second would be a tightly cropped version — imagine the above photo with the background cropped out. This would make the photo more like a macro shot, which would be its own version of excellent.

Gorgeous photo, Ray. All captured during a hike in the Bay Area.

What about you? Have an HTC smartphone? Like to take cool photos? You should share them with me here on BreakingModern. Just email a link of the photo to me via [email protected], or tag me on Twitter or Google+. You never know, we just may feature your pic as an #EyewitnessPhoto. Be sure to include the HTC camera used and any editing steps you took. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to my Smartphone Photographers YouTube playlist if you like these photos.

Eyewitness photo logoFor BMod, I’m 

Featured/Header image: Ray Greer

Disclaimer: HTC and aNewDomain Media co-produce this site, and its editors and writers are paid accordingly.

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    Another great picture. I really love these.

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