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BreakingModern — Great photography can be appreciated in many ways. From framing, to focal point, to flow or to other artful details. Sometimes the subject matter of the photograph becomes the “star” of the shot because of other elements. For example, let’s say a photographer takes a quick photo of a race car. We all know a race car is very fast, but you don’t get the real effect of speed from the photo unless there’s motion blur in the background. In this race car example, the background enhances the subject. More aptly, the motion blur enhances the speed of the race car. In today’s Eyewitness Photo, we have a very interesting shot taken by Raza Rahil Hussain with his HTC One M8 Eye.

Raza Rahil Hussain eyewitness photo

Raza was in Delhi when he took this photo of the train station. It’s such a moody photo, especially with the Jardina filter. I enjoy not only the train tracks leading my eyes up the field of view but also see that the power lines in the image are on a similar parallel. Lastly, the view in the distance comes to focus. As my eyes follow the tracks, they rest on the subtle fog, which gives that section of the shot a clouded view (no pun intended), making it more mysterious. Why? Because I want to know what else is beyond the tracks. Where are these tracks leading? I really like your photo, Raza. Thank you for sharing it.

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Featured/Header image: Raza Rahil Hussain

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