Eyewitness Photo: Niagara Falls

BreakingModernNiagara Falls is truly an amazing natural wonder. Imagine yourself taking a visit during the warm summer months. Sounds refreshing, right? Alex Kwong was able to grab this photo of the Falls on the US side from his HTC One during summer vacation. Smartphone photography at its finest.

Even without the panorama feature, this great photo conveys the awesome magnitude and thunder of the Falls. What you can’t see is the mist that is drenching the people in that boat and the wake of the waves rising out of the bottom of the Falls. Sound cool and refreshing? Makes me want to visit and enjoy the cool temperature of this photograph. Nicely done!

What are you capturing with your HTC smartphone? Send them over to me (in a URL preferably) via [email protected]. You may get featured in our EyeWitness Photo column. Be sure to mention your HTC smartphone model and any camera apps or mobile photo editing apps used.

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Image credit: Alex Kwong

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