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ant-pruitt.png ant pruitt portraitBreakingModern — I love sharing the smartphone photos our great BMod readers submit, but the world of Creatography is something else entirely.

These folks are true artists — and such seriously excellent photographers.

Consider Our Wild Abandon, a creatography group from HTC. See this gorgeous photo, below? It was shot with an HTC One M8. The image is incredible for a lot of reasons.

First off, the balance of the square crop is enhanced by the way the rower sits in the center of the square. The canoe is also dead center, but extends beyond the red beanie. The oars are cropped out, which provides a great symmetry. Then there are the beautifully rich colors and clear details of the shot.

Scroll below the image, below, to find out exactly how Our Wild Abandon’s killer smartphone photo came about.

Our Wild Abandon eyewitness photo creatography

BMod: What inspires your shots for Creatography?

“Well, we found ourselves back on home turf for the first time in a long time so it was the perfect opportunity for us to get reacquainted with a place that used to be so familiar to us. Before we started Our Wild Abandon we used to spend all our free time trying to find new scenery within an hour’s drive of Vancouver. Coming back to all these places after being away for so long allowed us to see them in a new light, as if seeing them for the first time. Landscapes changed over time, as did our style and appreciation for the locations. This was a huge renewal of inspiration for us in a place that once inspired us to leave.”

BMod: Do your shots for Creatography act as an extension of your personality, hence giving you a certain type of style easily recognized by others? For example, most people can spot a Trey Ratcliff photo based on how he shoots and shares his HDR images.

“Absolutely. We are our work in the most literal sense. We are both the photographer and subject in most of the images, making them highly personal and a definite extension of who we are and our personalities. It’s a constantly evolving narrative that honestly and openly showcases ourselves, each other, and our lives in a constant state of flux as we aim to capture the beauty in often ignored moments. Instead of just objectively showing a destination, we inject ourselves into the image to capture the moment as we experienced it. When traveling together for extended periods of time everything is ever changing, and to each other you are the only constant and this is evident in the bulk of our work.”

I appreciate Our Wild Abandon’s photographers for taking the time to share their insights and creative juices with us. We also covered them in a feature article for BreakingModern, which you can find here. Follow Our Wild Abandon on Instagram. Eyewitness photo logo

For BMod, I’m 

Featured image: Our Wild Abandon

Disclaimer: HTC and aNewDomain Media co-produce this site, and its editors and writers are paid accordingly.

Ant Pruitt

Author: Ant Pruitt

Based in Charlotte, NC, Ant Pruitt covers photography and smartphone cameras for BreakingModern. Follow him @ant_pruitt on Twitter.

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