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BreakingModern — Like cloud photography, capturing reflections can be tricky. When using reflection to craft your photograph, you battle external items that can interfere with your subject matter. Some photographers enjoy shooting lakes and ponds in wooded areas because the water acts as a mirror for the surroundings. This creates some beautiful shots — until a largemouth bass decides to ripple through the water after an insect. That perfectly smooth mirror is ruined pretty quickly.

Isabel Martinez seems to have found the sweet spot, though. She was able to successfully capture a beautiful reflection photo with her HTC One-X.

isabel martinez eyewitness photo

It’s not often that you can catch nearly still water in a harbor. Martinez had perfect timing with this shot. She was able to show off the beautiful clouds and their reflection in the water. Notice how the clouds look like a watercolor painting with its reflection in the harbor. The blue-pink hues of the photo are beautiful and temper the picture with a coolness that reaches out. Makes you want to grab a light jacket and sip a cup of warm tea, as if you were going for a walk around the bay.

Thanks to Isabel Martinez for sharing this Eyewitness Photo. It’s beautifully done.

What photos have you captured on your HTC smartphone? Have something you like? Email it to me via [email protected], or tag me on Twitter and Google+. I just may feature your shot in the daily Eyewitness Photo column. Be sure to mention your HTC smartphone model and any camera apps or mobile photo editing apps used.

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Featured image: Isabel Martinez

Header image: Isabel Martinez

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