Eyewitness Photo: Remembering Spring

BreakingModern — Winter is taking its cold hold over the world (well, in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). Here in the southeastern U.S., where I am, it’s a “Man, I’m freezing!” winter. Mornings with temperatures below freezing are no fun. Sure, I can warm myself with plenty of layers and blankets, but I can’t play much golf in the winter. I need spring! This photo from Subraya Assoldekar is beautiful, but makes me miss the glorious spring weather.

spring eyewitness photo Subraya Assoldekar

In this photo Assoldekar shows off the power of ultrapixels with his HTC One Max camera. The natural lighting is pefect, highlighting the right amount of foliage. The pink blooms are just vibrant enough, but not so overly saturated that they distract from the other elements within the shot. Even the blur in the background looks good, bringing more attention to the foreground. The caterpillar seems rather happy with his time in the spotlight, too. Such a great shot from Assoldekar. Thanks for sharing!

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Featured/Header image: Subraya Assoldekar

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