Facetune: Mirror Mirror, Who is More Beautiful?

BreakingModern — The pursuit of perfection has always been a dream. Not all girls (or guys) have a Cinderella (or Prince Charming) story to tell. The powers at large photoshop Disney stars … so the question becomes, why should you not be better looking on Tinder or Facebook? The Facetune app shown below clearly will make all your imperfections go away. Is this going to be a real selfie or a branding gimmick for yourself? It’s unclear. But it’s here.

Video: Facetune for Android

You can download Facetune for Android on Google Play … but do you want to?

For BMod, I’m .

Featured Image: Screenshot by Daniel Zweier courtesy of Google Play

Header Image: Beauty, according to Disney” by Kevin Dooley via Flickr Creative Commons

David Michaelis

Author: David Michaelis

Based in Australia, David Michaelis is a world-renowned international journalist and founder of Link Tv. He covers the global beat, focusing on politics and other international topics of note for our readers in a variety of forums.

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