Five Essential Apps for Job Hunters

BreakingModern — Being unemployed sucks, so when you’re hunting for jobs, you stalk that prey 24/7. Thank goodness we live in the future, where you can apply for jobs and prep for interviews on your smartphone instead of staying glued to your desk all day. Nowadays, you can multitask while you search, double-checking job listings while waiting for dinner to cook or polishing your resume while sunbathing in the park.

But the multitude of job-hunting tools can be daunting. You couldn’t possibly use all of them — so which do you choose?

Well, we can think of at least five apps you simply must have …

You're HIred

LinkedIn and LinkedIn Job Search

It’s become virtually impossible to exist in the working world without a LinkedIn profile. With over 347 million users, the professional networking site has become the go-to way to connect with coworkers and potential employers. The LinkedIn app lets you tweak your profile, make connections, and browse your favorite companies on the go, but even the original LinkedIn app recommends you hop over to its sister, LinkedIn Job Search, for an even more streamlined job-hunting experience. The app offers helpful keyword suggestions and automatically finds jobs based on your viewing history.

Downside: At the moment, you can’t attach a resume to your application. You might be better off using this app to find jobs to apply to once you’re back at your desk.

cPro CraigsList Free Client

Believe it or not, a lot of companies post jobs on Craigslist, especially those looking for freelance, seasonal or piecemeal work. Sure, you have to be careful not to take jobs from deposed princes who ask for your banking details, but if you have a keen eye for scammers (and don’t give out your social security number too quickly) you can find some excellent work opportunities. The app is attractive and easy-to-use (easier, even, than the desktop website), so your mobile experience with CraigsList should be exemplary.

Downside: You do need to keep your guard up. If something seems spammy, don’t apply. This is CraigsList, after all.

You're Hired


As much a model for world peace as for job-hunting, Glassdoor promotes fellowship and teamwork amongst jobseekers. If you ever felt alone and in the dark while searching for jobs, Glassdoor will shine a much-needed light on each company’s interviewing practices, salaries, and benefits before you even step into your potential employer’s office. Glassdoor is a must for your interview prep — users document their past interview experience at various companies, offering examples of interview questions and their overall satisfaction with the process. Current employees provide information on salaries, benefits and happiness at the company, so you know what to ask for when the company offers you that job. Oh, and they have job listings too.

Downside: Sometimes you’ll be notified about expired jobs. A minor inconvenience.

You're HIred

My Resume Builder/CV Free Jobs

Afraid that your resume isn’t up to snuff? We feel you. In a world where employers seem to microanalyze every aspect of your resume, up to and including your font choice, it’s easy to obsess over what should and shouldn’t make it onto that precious piece of paper.

If you’re sick of second-guessing yourself, leave the contents of your resume to the makers of My Resume Builder and CV Free Jobs. With fill-in-the blank slots for every section (experience, education, certifications, etc.), it’s an idiot-proof way to write a professional-looking resume with minimal effort. What a nice change of pace, right? The app includes 10 different resume formats, step-by-step instructions, and generates a PDF version of your resume for easy emailing and printing.

Downside: You can’t edit the headers on each section on your resume. So if you were thinking about getting creative, forget it.

Job Interview Question-Answer

Admit it — you’ve walked away from an interview wishing you could have a do-over. Job Interview Question-Answer allows you to have that do-over … and another, and another … way before you go in for the real interview. The app will ask you a tough question, record your response (which you should review, however cringe-worthy it may be) and then show you how you should have answered the question (courtesy of job coach Peggy McKee). See if you can rehearse your way to a perfect interview. You know what they say — practice makes perfect. At the very least it’ll calm a few of those pre-interview jitters.

Downside: It’s not entirely free — you have to pay for additional questions.

Happy hunting!

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