Five Great Gadgets to Keep Your Mobile Phone Always Charged

BreakingModern — Despite advances in smartphone batteries, they always seem to run out of juice when you’re away from a power source. Sure, we have car chargers and USB cables to hook up to the nearest computer, but we still occasionally find ourselves in desperate need of an AC outlet. At the most-inopportune moments, too.

Mobile Phone Charging

In recent years, several gadgets have shown up to the rescue. Convenient and portable, these devices are designed to hold a charge and pass that charge on to your phone’s battery when you’re on the go.

Mophie Battery Case

Mophie is perhaps the best-known provider of smartphone chargers, with cases for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and HTC One. The Mophie Juice Pack is made to serve as a case for your phone, promising to at least double a device’s battery life. In addition to keeping your phone charged longer, Mophie’s cases are made from a hard shell that also serves to protect the phone from drops and scratches. Cases range from $99.95 to $119.95.

Jackery Premium Portable Chargers

Jackery has a variety of charging cases and small charging gadgets that are both attractive and functional. The larger Jackery Giant+ can charge two USB devices at once, while the Jackery Bar offers fast charging and portability. The Jackery Bar even comes with a built-in flashlight, adding a layer of convenience. Best of all, Jackery’s products are very affordable, selling through Amazon at $29.95-$39.95.

Urban Junket Power Clutch

Ideal for an evening out on the town, the Urban Junket Power Clutch includes a Joey portable charger and one USB cord. The charger promises to charge smartphones up to 250 percent over a period of up to ten days. Best of all, the clutch is large enough to hold all your other essentials for a night out. The Power Clutch retails for $138.

Mobile Phone Charging

Mighty Power Wallet

Girls can’t have all the fun. This slender wallet comes with a powerful 3000mAh battery that will charge your phone 1.5 times. The charger comes with both lightning and micro USB adaptors, making it compatible with a wide variety of phones. The wallet itself is made from Italian Saffiano leather and contains all of the cash and card pockets a person expects from a wallet. The wallet ships from the UK, so shipping costs might be high, in addition to the $113.69 cost of the wallet.

Tommy Hilfiger Solar Panel Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger targets the outdoorsperson with this jacket that gets its power from the sun. The Solar Panel Jacket includes a removable solar panel that keeps mobile devices charged while its wearer enjoys a brisk afternoon walk. Half of the proceeds from each sale benefit the Fresh Air Fund. The jacket regularly retails for $599.

In addition to these innovations, several other charging ideas are in the works, including insoles that charge devices with each step and gadgets that charge a phone based on sounds. With so many exciting products under development, smartphone users will soon be able to leave home for days without worrying about finding a power source to charge their phones.

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