Five Outfits with One Great Buy: The Leather Jacket

BreakingModern — Ahh, Fall. The leaves are changing, and so are our wardrobes. One of the hottest items this season is the leather jacket — they’ll have you staying toasty warm and looking cool. I recently picked up a faux-leather jacket from Old Navy (my first leather jacket ever, actually!), and have been loving it. Its versatility is incredible — it conveys vastly different looks depending on what it is paired with. Here are five ways that I’ve been styling the leather jacket for this lovely season:

leather jacket laid back1. Laid-back (Dressed Down)

When it comes to the colder seasons, the cuddlier and cozier the outfit, the better. This outfit centers around my trousers, which happen to be burgundy, one of the quintessential colors for Fall. A long-sleeved crew-neck tee is an easy and comfortable choice on a chilly morning that has you begging to stay underneath the covers. To face the cooler weather, a knitted infinity scarf and oversized knit toque are key items. The leather jacket finishes off the outfit and brings all the pieces together.

  • Pants: Old Navy
  • Tee: Old Navy
  • Scarf: Cotton On
  • Toque: Handmade by my mom!
  • Flats: Old Navy 

leather jacket business casual

2. Business Casual (Dressed Up)

Though a leather jacket can pair well with casual, laid-back attire, it can also suit a dressier look incredibly well. Here, the leather jacket pays homage to a blazer — it is not a serious “business” look per se, but it still looks polished and professional. I paired it with an embroidered body-contouring dress and nude heels.

  • Dress: Old Navy
  • Heels: Aldo

leather jacket menswear3. Menswear-inspired

It’s no secret that I love menswear-inspired outfits. It’s really fun to see how feminine and girly a look can be even when playing off its masculine counterparts. Here, I donned a vintage silk button-up with ornate detailing around the collar to bring femininity. I paired it with high-waisted gray shorts and oxfords with a tiny heel for an edgy look. Finishing off the outfit is the leather jacket, of course. Though this outfit is monochromatic, it still is lively, rather than severe, thanks to the soft, feminine detailing in the pieces.

  • Blouse: Vintage
  • Shorts: American Eagle
  • Shoes: Vintage

leather jacket little bit countryA Little Bit Country

Plaid is the pattern for fall. In any hue, be it warm or cool, a plaid shirt is effortless and stylish. In this outfit, I donned my dad’s old flannel shirt. It’s very oversized and quite long, but the leather jacket allowed me to wear it in a different way. As it is long, I only buttoned it to about hip-level, and took the remaining fabric and tied it up. This fabric was concealed in the back and covered by the leather jacket, looking as if the shirt was short and feminine. If you have an oversized, baggy flannel, you may want to try the same!

  • Plaid shirt: My dad’s closet
  • Leather booties: Ardene
  • Grey denim: American Eagle

A Little Bit Rock ’n’ Roll

leather jacket rock n' roll

It can be difficult to style “statement” bottoms without looking a little eccentric. The key, however, is simplicity. This pair of royal blue acid-washed jeans was pulled together with a plain white tee. The crispness of the tee balanced the pattern and color of the jeans. The leather jacket adds sophistication to this rocker chic look, and the Doc Martens are perfect for stompin’ around town (especially in rainy Fall weather).

  • Tee: Old Navy
  • Boots: Doc Martens
  • Jeans: Old Navy

Leather Jacket. Catwoman? Halloween! Yes!

And because Halloween is just around the corner, here is a little idea for a Catwoman costume, using clothes you may already have at home!

Things you’ll need:

  1. Form-fitting leather jacket (zipped all the way up)
  2. Figure-hugging black jeans/pants/leggings
  3. Black chunky belt (utility-style, if possible)
  4. Black leather boots
  5. Black gloves
  6. Eyemask and cat-ear headband (easily found at any party store)

Although Catwoman wears a jumpsuit, this leather look will be the perfect homage for Halloween, without having to break the bank!

From laid-back to dressed-up to Halloween, leather jackets are amazing in their versatility and are a perfect staple item in every closet.

For BMod, I’m Justine Crawford.

Image credits: Justine Crawford

Header Image: Ol’Rockabilly Leather Jacket” by Jorge Correa via Flickr Creative Commons

Justine Crawford

Author: Justine Crawford

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