Justine: Five Ways To Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

BreakingModern — I love my skinny jeans. There was a time in high school when I vowed never to wear anything that wasn’t painted onto my thighs. Now, though, as much as I enjoy vacuum-sealing my legs in denim, my tastes have changed. A current, hands-down favorite item in my wardrobe are my boyfriend jeans — a trend well-loved by celebrities and average Janes alike. They are comfortable, versatile and allow my legs some joyous circulation. There are just so many ways to pair this pair of jeans. Let’s look at five ways you can style boyfriend jeans. Thank me later.

Five Ways I Styled My Boyfriend Jeans

Here are my top five favorite ways to wear my boyfriend jeans like the jeans I got from Old Navy. Check me out in the shots below.

Business Casual Boyfriend Jeans

1. Business Casual

In this look, at left, I paired the boyfriend jeans with another “boyfriend” item — a boyfriend blazer. It is lightweight and easy to move around in, yet it still portrays a high degree of professionalism.

Instead of a traditional oxford shirt, I chose a white silk blouse with an ornately detailed collar to set this business look apart.

A thin black belt and a gold-hued watch provide simple sophistication, and nude heels complete the look.

Boyfriend blazer - Old Navy, Blouse - Vintage, Belt - Hudson’s, Bay Watch - Fossil, Heels - Aldo

Soft Menswear boyfriend jeans

2. Soft Menswear

As the name entails, boyfriend jeans are meant to emulate the look of a borrowed pair of men’s denim. In this outfit, I chose menswear-inspired pieces that are still flirty and feminine. I chose a light chiffon tie-front blouse instead of a button-up white shirt, and black oxford lace-ups to pay homage to men’s dress shoes. To “top” it off, I donned a black wool hat that is both classic and on-trend.

Hat - f21, Blouse - Vintage, Oxford shoes - Vintage

Lounge boyfriend jeans

3. Lounge

This is an outfit I imagine wearing on a cool summer’s night, sitting around a bonfire. Roasting marshmallows. The oversized cardigan easily pops over a cropped top that would have been worn during the daylight hours, providing snuggly comfort. In this scenario, I’d probably wear this outfit barefoot. It also goes great with a simple pair of black flats or a pair of Birkenstocks.

Cardigan - American Eagle, Top - f21

90s revival boyfriend jeans

4. 90s Revival!

Trends are cyclical, and the 1990s are once more having their time to shine. So, in this look, I snagged one of my dad’s old flannel shirts. It really was from the 1990s), and threw it over my Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirt. This oversized ensemble has grunge elements, and can be worn with numerous types of footwear to achieve different effects. I chose Chelsea boots for this, but it would also work great with a pair of white Chuck Taylors or some worn-in Doc Martens.

Flannel - Dad’s not quite vintage garment, Chelsea boots - Old Navy,  Tee - Neutral Milk Hotel

cuddly and cozy boyfriend jeans

5. Cuddly & Cozy

Finally, this ensemble, above, exemplifies the versatility of boyfriend jeans. They can transition seamlessly through seasons, as this chunky turtleneck is very much a late fall or winter piece. The sweater’s long cut complements the shape of the jeans, and creates a chic and artsy overtone to the outfit.

Turtleneck sweater - Vero, Moda Chelsea boots - Old Navy

If you’re looking to find that perfect pair, take a peek at this article to help you find the boyfriend jeans of your dreams.

Until next time! For BreakingModern, I’m Justine Crawford.

Image credits: Justine Crawford

Cover Art: Denim“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Justine Crawford

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