CES 2015: The Future Is Now. Really.

BreakingModern — CES always gives us a glimpse into the future with many products that are not yet available. Some will never get to the real consumer marketplace. Yet, there are always some that are already available. I scoured the CES 2015 show floor to bring together some of the truly innovative products that are already available or will be out this month. With these products you can get a taste of the latest and greatest right in your own home.

Yubikey — Security Key by Yubico

Everyone is worried about security today. Two-step identification keeps you much better protected, and the Yubikey adds a simple hardware component for even more security. It’s a tiny USB key that you can carry on your keychain. Insert it into the computer and touch it to access your accounts. Works seamlessly with PC, Mac, Gmail, WordPress and more. Available on Amazon for $17.99.

CES 2015 yubico

Sling TV

At CES 2015 Dish Network announced a new way to get TV service. Sling TV will offer à la carte TV stations without having to subscribe to cable or satellite TV. No set top boxes required. For $20 a month you can get ESPN, ESPN2, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, TNT, CNN, TBS and Cartoon Network. Other channels will be available as add-ons. No subscription needed. Streaming options will be available through select TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox One, iOS and Android smartphones, and tablets. It’s available now in select markets.

CES 2015 Sling TV

Withings Activité Pop

The Withings Activité Pop watch is a stylish fitness tracking high-tech wearable. It looks like an attractive luxury watch rather than a geeky digital gadget. This new version adds functionality and lowers the price from $450 to about $150. Available in limited quantities at Best Buy.

CES 2015 Withings Activite Pop watch

Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer

The Lulzbot Mini is a pretty amazing 3D printer made for the average consumer. Open source tools give you access to specifications and schematics, which gives you complete freedom of printing. You can print everything from shower heads to dinosaurs. This printer uses not only plastic, but also can handle things like brass and bamboo filaments. Ticket price: $1,350 — available at the end of Jan. 2015.

CES 2015 Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer 3D

Fitbit Charge HR and Surge

Fitbit has two new wearable devices — the $150 Fitbit Charge HR and the $200 Fitbit Surge. The Charge is an updated version of its wristband, and the Surge is the new smartwatch. Both provide sleep and heart monitoring and show the time. The Surge also has GPS, texting, music control and more. Both are available on the Fitbit website and Amazon.

Dell Venue 8 — 7000

Dell won the Best of CES 2015 Innovation award for its new tablet. At 6mm, it’s the thinnest tablet on the market. Dell Venue 8 is filled with new features like the Real Sense 3D camera that does fantastic photo adjustments. It introduces in-air gestures like those you might remember from Minority Report. Only $399 at the Dell website.

CES 2015 Dell Venue 8 7000

Check out these new gadgets and you can get a taste of CES right in your own home.

Live from CES 2015 and for BMod, I’m .

All images: Sandy Berger

Header image: Mat Lee

Sandy Berger

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