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BreakingModern — FXGuru: Movie FX Director is an enjoyable app at any time of the year, but the holiday effects are especially fun to play with. The app is available for free on Google Play and in the Apple store. There are, however, in-app purchases (more on that later).


FXGuru gives you action movie effects that you add to your own videos. There’s everything from explosions that occur wherever you place them in the video to Santa’s sleigh streaking through the night sky over your own home. That’s not all, either. There are a variety of weapons, dancing skeletons, Easter eggs and Cupid’s arrows that you can add with one click. Want to make a video announcement? Just put it in the FXGuru Breaking News effect, which makes your video seem just like a television news story.


Personalization at Its Best

Everything in FXGuru is personalized because you provide either the background or the actors or both. Each choice has a full preview for you to review before you finalize your creation. There are quite a few free effects, but there are also effects that you must purchase. For instance, in the Holiday offerings the adorable Dancing Reindeer selection is free, while some of the others, like the Runaway Sleigh, Santa Sighting and Santa’s Wild Ride are $.99 each.

You can also purchase a Holiday Pack of 5 for $3.99. A pack of 64 different effects is $19.99. There are even a few effects that only require that you like them on Facebook to unlock the effect. With the paid version of the app, you can get higher quality and resolution, but you won’t be disappointed in the quality and resolution of the free choices. My only gripe about the app is that some of the movies are a little short and I wish they were a longer.

The beauty of this app is that it offers excellent motion tracking. The app uses a red or green outline overlay to show you where it will place its actors or props so you can easily create a good background. As long as you record your video with a still hand and adequate light, it will turn out great.


The effects, whether it’s Santa chasing his runaway sleigh, a big explosion or a ghost bride haunting your house, are very realistic. There are also a variety of options like music and filters including Blockbuster, Whiteout, SciFi and Nightvision.


One really nice feature is that your movie is created in an MP4 format and you can share it or download and keep it. Here is the free Reindeer dance video that I created.

FXGuru does an excellent job with its movie effects and it offers a first-rate assortment of features. It also gives you just enough freebies to show off its expertise and then lets you easily purchase more right through the app. Other apps like Jib Jab’s Santa’s Twerk Shop could learn a lot from its selling and presentation methodology.

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All Screenshots/Video: Sandy Berger

Sandy Berger

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