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BreakingModern — There is a revolution taking place right under our noses. It has been dubbed the Internet of Things and the implementation of such systems is going to change the way we interact with much of our environment.

However, the silly talk of how your refrigerator was going to order more milk for you automatically (that is to say, without your knowledge) when you run low has given way to the more practical talk of secure home access monitored by your smartphone. This is the area where products from a company named Smart Things thrive.

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Being Smarter

I was introduced to Smart Things by my friend Shawn Morton who recently moved his family into a new home and spent an afternoon installing security devices. Knowing Shawn like I do, I know that he would have done significant research before deciding which devices to install. So, I asked him why he chose Smart Things:

“I chose them for the openness of their platform (you can mix and match products from other companies) and the lack of ongoing fees and costs. Plus, they have a pretty active user community that helps extend it with new apps or hacks to support new products.”

Pretty simple explanation — Smart Things products are practical and less expensive when compared to other security services like ADT Security Systems, for example. That’s because companies like ADT operate under the established model, in which home owners subscribe to a monitoring service for a monthly fee.

Smart Things, on the other hand, saves home owners the monthly subscription fee by moving the monitoring to an app on your smartphone. In other words, instead of paying ADT or another company to monitor the security of your home, you have to do it yourself. For the tech-savvy and mobile connected this is not a problem and, in fact, is just about second nature.

I mean, if you’re monitoring Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the rest, how much more difficult is it to check the Smart Things app periodically?

b smart things app

Smarter Things

Smart Things offer several security kits ranging from the starter, which sells for $199, to the maximum kit, which sells for $759. Depending on your requirements, you may have to do a bit of mix and matching to get the right combination of devices. You can also purchase individual sensors to fill in the blanks.

Not only can you monitor and control the obvious things like locks on doors and windows, but you can get sensors that alert you to water leaks or fire. You can use the app to change the thermostat so that your house is the right temperature. You can turn on and off specific lights and even unlock a door using the app. No more fumbling for keys in the dark. The combination of devices is really only limited to your whim.

c smart things SmartSensePresence

Things and More Things

Smart Things and the products and services they offer are just one example of what the “Internet of Things” is all about. By creating a common open language that includes devices from different manufactures, Smart Things takes advantage of the confluence of wireless technologies, monitoring devices and smartphone apps to offer a comprehensive set of security tools for your home. Easy to set up, practical to use and economical too — that’s a tough combination to beat.

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