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BreakingModern — If you’re not a golfer, you probably think there’s very little technology in the game, but you would be wrong. Golfers are always looking to gain an edge on their competition by having the best engineered equipment and the best constructed ball. Sometimes, earning bragging rights after a match depends on who has the best technology.

One of the best ways to gain an edge on your competition is to tap into the power of Global Positioning Satellites with Golf Pad for Android, which is available on Google Play. There is also a version available for Apple iOS.


Find the Range

Golf Pad acts as rangefinder, scorecard and shot tracker, but it also does much more. For a novice player, it also provides an aerial view of the course and the hole you’re playing. This view from on high can be a great advantage because it helps you visualize your next shot, which should give you more confidence in your next swing. Feeling confident in that next swing makes for a better golfer and golfing experience.


To begin using Golf Pad you will have to create an account or log in using Google+ or Facebook. I’m not sure I want to announce my golf scores to the world, so I opted to create a standalone account instead.

Once you’re logged in you will press the Start a Round button. At this point you’ll be asked to identify which golf course you’ll be playing. Golf Pad knows I am in Louisville, Ky., so it presents me with a list of courses in my area.


From here you’ll enter the names of the players in your group so you can keep score and track strokes. For most novice players, this will suffice. However, for an annual fee of $9.99 you can upgrade to the Pro version of Golf Pad and get access to different scoring systems and more advanced statistics. The Pro version of Golf Pad also removes the advertising. If you play golf regularly, this is a bargain.


I choose the Valhalla Golf Club because it is likely a course you’ve heard of, but they would never let a bum like me near the first tee. However, with Golf Pad, I get to see the course without actually being there.


Golf for Life

The game of golf is having a bit of an identity crisis, at least in relation to amateur participation. Young people in their teens and twenties are not as interested in the game as I was when I was that age. In my day, everyone was into golf — it was a big deal. Competition from other activities and interests has taken its toll over the years.

However, with a new emphasis on technology made possible by innovations like GPS, young people just might look to golf as a viable leisure activity. A smartphone with the Golf Pad app makes the game so much easier. The technology, along with an inherent youthful disposition toward integrating technology into everyday life, just might provide an unbeatable advantage to a young golfer. And winning always makes things more interesting — especially golf.

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Featured Image Credit: Golf ball. Wikimedia Commons

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Mark Kaelin

Author: Mark Kaelin

Based in Louisville, KY., Mark W. Kaelin is a tech and gadget writer who also covers fine living for us here at BreakingModern.

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