The Guys from Unfinished Business Take Care of All Your Stock Photo Needs

BreakingModern — The world of stock photos seems like a nice place to live. Everybody expresses their emotions with absolute clarity, anything is possible (who among us hasn’t dreamed of giving birth to a pineapple?) and you can get unparalleled amounts of joy from eating salad alone or pouring water down your face.

Lucky for us, the actors from the upcoming movie Unfinished Business have decided to join this perfect world, providing us with helpful stock images for all of our cheap business-related photo needs. Stock photos have long been the go-to for presentations and articles (ahem … like ours) that need the perfect photos but don’t have the budget (or the fancy studio) to take original pictures.

Famous Offices

But now, if we need helpful photographs illustrating generic business situations, we have the option to use images filled with famous faces like those belonging to Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson.

The photographs will be available — for free — on iStock by Getty Images over the next 12 weeks (but they’re only for editorial use — sorry, everyone else). You’ll finally be able to find that perfect, just-cheesy-enough picture for your next assignment on making friends at the office while simultaneously worshipping your favorite celebs. What could be better than that?

For instance, you could illustrate that a company should have a can-do attitude (but also have fun — look at those smiles!) with the iStock photo entitled “Team Work Makes the Dream Work.”

Unfinished Business

Or help your readers remember how a company can only succeed if everyone works together by using the celebratory photo “There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

Unfinished Business

You could even simulate that satisfying feeling you get when your co-workers applaud your beautiful presentation on tax returns with “Just work your magic.”

Unfinished Business

Maybe even show just how fun work presentations can be with a picture of a gleeful Dave Franco pointing to a very important hand drawn graph with a dry-erase marker in “Business forecast? Nothing but upward trajectory.”

Unfinished Business

We’re excited to see what other super-useful stock photos the guys from Unfinished Business have in store for us. We feel inspired to work harder already. Go team!

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All Images Courtesy of iStock by Getty Images

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