Pi Day 2015: Partying Hard for 3.14159

pi day 2015BreakingModern — Folks, it’s here. That magical nerdy pun-filled weirdly mathematical event — Pi Day — is upon us.

On March 14, 2015, in honor of Pi Day 2015, hordes of geeks, nerds, math teachers, engineers, professors and bakery owners will collectively celebrate the number 3.14159 (for short, of course).

For those who fell asleep in math class, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. But, more importantly, it’s a celebrated mathematical constant and a number that has no end — like, really, no end. Here are a million digits of Pi, just for kicks. Click here for our Gina Smith’s collection of the weirdest Pi facts, triviata, infographics, videos, songs and art you could possibly imagine. Seems that here at BreakingModern, we just can’t get our fill of Pi.

By the way, you should know that Archimedes, the ancient Greek usually credited with identifying Pi, was just its promoter. Even though he named the irrational number after himself, which is why it’s still called Archimedes’ Constant today, it turns out the Babylonians and even the Bible mention Pi long before Archimedes walked the Earth.

Talk about a master promoter. But anyway …

Why This Year’s Pi Day Is So Unique

You see, Pi’s first 10 digits — 3.141592653 — will actually spell out, in order, a moment in time that occurs tomorrow. Those first 10 digits are in order tomorrow, as the month, date, year, hour, minute and second, at 53 seconds after 9:26 a.m. How cool is that. As CBS in San Francisco points out:


“A moment like this won’t be back for another 100 years, March 14th, 2115.”

Pi Day


Of course, with any food-based number, there are a slew of deals on Pi Day. Pizza reigns supreme this year (and it’s the only one that affects the entire U.S.), with serious deals from five of the largest pizza chains around. If you’re looking for something sweet, make sure to check your local bakeries. Last year a host of companies, large and small, had decimally reduced deals, and I’m sure this year will be the same.

For Your Enjoyment

Here’s the classic “Mathematical Pi,” sung to the tune of that too-perfect favorite, “American Pie.”

Video: “Mathematical PI” (The PI song with lyrics!)

And, for those who really want to bask in the humor of all this, here’s a Pi rendition of “What Does the Fox Say?

Video: What is the value of Pi? (What does the fox say)

If you’re really curious, BMod has an in-depth look at Pi … almost as long as the digit itself. Happy Pi Day! Pi Day For BMod, I’m Daniel Zweier.

Featured image: Pi by J.Gabás Esteban via Flickr

First image: Pi by Rex Sorgatz via Flickr Second image: Pi by Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

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