Valentine’s Day Apps for Everyone

BreakingModern — Valentine’s Day is here, and whatever your relationship status might be, there’s an app that can spice up the big night.

Valentine's Day apps

For the Married: Kindu

So, you’re a married couple. Your lives have gelled, your routines match up and maybe you have a child or two in the mix. You know each other’s moods and preferences like the back of your hand, and you might think there’s nothing left to discover in the bedroom. Or maybe you think that just because your partner nixed the fantasy you brought up two years ago (you know, the one with the spaghetti sauce and the purple confetti) it’s off the table forever.

But this Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time to update each other on what options are really on the table.

Kindu, free for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS, is a stress-free way to explore potential sexual adventures with your partner. It’s perfect for couples who aren’t sure how to bring up their fantasies or need new ideas or just want to double-check they haven’t missed anything on the list of possible intimate activities.

The app allows both partners to individually rate each idea as “definitely,” “no thanks” or “maybe — open to discussion.” Kindu then lists the ideas that you both marked as “definitely” or “maybe” — and keeps the unmatched answers a secret. This way, you don’t deal with any embarrassment when one person is “definitely” into chocolate foot massages and the other person says “no thanks.”

Valentine's Day apps

For the Long-Distance Relationship: Avocado

On Valentine’s Day, a phone call or Skype session with your lover just doesn’t cut it. You want to share the day with them and feel their touch. Avocado, an app that creates a private world for you and your partner, is the closest you can get to actually being together without, you know, actually being together.

It creates a private world for just the two of you — you can send messages, share calendars and doodles and create a virtual scrapbook of photos and videos from great dates and happy times.

Perhaps the soppiest and sweetest parts of the app are the virtual hugs and kisses you can send to your faraway lover. To send your other half a kiss, you can either tap or kiss the screen of your phone. To send a hug, you press the phone to your chest, almost like a real hug. How cute!

Thankfully, the app also lets you know when your partner’s phone is dying, so you won’t be left wondering why he/she never replied to your latest smooch. Avocado is free for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

Valentine's Day apps

For the Dating: Gravy

Well done. You’ve scored a hot date for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a first date or the 7,000th, Gravy is a handy app for finding nearby events that fit your interests. If you hate the “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” dance, this app will work miracles.

Gravy delivers activity-oriented ideas based on your mood, suggesting anything from a 5K race to quirky local bars with a sweet happyhour deal to a little known local theatre production of Beauty and the Beast.

You’ll get to do something fun with your mate, finding hidden gems and making memories. What could be a better Valentine’s Day date than that? Gravy is free for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

For the Single: HowAboutWe

You’re still auditioning potential paramours, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck sitting in your pajamas deciding whether to swipe right or left. HowAboutWe gets you real dates in real places, and they don’t just entail an awkward meet up at the local Starbucks. Users post a date idea, saying “How About We … climb Craggy Rock and then go salsa dancing” or some other awesome activity that might be fun for one person, but way better for two.

You look at other people’s date ideas, they look at yours, and eventually you’re bound to find someone who wants to do the same kooky date idea you’ve always dreamed about. If you like what you see on each other’s dating profiles, you get to meet offline and enjoy whatever crazy ideas you thought up.

If you’re willing to take a chance on someone new this Valentine’s Day, HowAboutWe might be the most-interesting way to do it. The free app is available for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

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