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BreakingModern — Welcome to Hidden Gems, a semi-regular column in which I scour the depths of the Internet (and beyond!) to help you break your browsing rut. My mission is to find entertaining websites that will make you stop refreshing your Facebook home page every other minute.

Today, let’s check out Cereal Prize. Launched in February 2014, Cereal Prize is the brainchild of actor/nerd hero Topher Grace, who you may recognize from That ’70s Show, (shudders) Spider-Man 3, or this year’s American Ultra. Inspired by those little toys, games and comics one used to find in cereal boxes, Grace has created a daily updated website filled will cool stuff he finds online. Despite my personal, very real cereal phobia, I like Cereal Prize quite a lot.

cereal prize

The site is broken down into categories like: Great Shit, Funny Shit, Music, Trailers, Short Films and Self-Centered Shit. Basically, it’s exactly what you’d want from this kind of website.

So, because I firmly believe you should make Cereal Prize a staple in your daily Internet routine, I’ve put together a few of Cereal Prize’s most special prizes.

Star Wars: Redux of the Jedi Trailer

Much like Captain Ahab was obsessed was hunting down Moby Dick, I am obsessed with getting the opportunity to view Redux of the Jedi, Grace’s 85-minute edited feature version of the Star Wars prequels. He was only able to screen the film once due to legal mumbo jumbo, but the cut is out there somewhere. Waiting.

In the meantime, we have one awesome Redux related Cereal Prize: the trailer! While he can’t show us the whole film, Grace was generous enough to cut together a trailer for his version of the prequels. Check it out here!

Death Metal Versions (of Innocent Songs)

I can’t stand death metal, but I love this. There’s not a whole lot to say, really. YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt produced death metal versions of a song by Katy Perry, as well as numbers from Grease and Mary Poppins. It’s wonderful.

Lost Indiana Jones Script

You read that right. In 1995, Christopher Columbus wrote his own version of Indiana Jones 4. It’s called Indiana Jones and the Monkey King and this project obviously never quite came to fruition. But now you can read the script (here). As a guy who sometimes loses his own screenplays, finding these unproduced, high-quality scripts are a real treat.

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All Screenshots: Jordan Wold

Jordan Wold

Author: Jordan Wold

Jordan Wold is a pop culture obsessive writer from the Midwest. He plans on attending Boston's Emerson College in the fall of 2015 as a Visual & Media Arts major. He is also far too proud of his own tweets. Follow him @JordanWold1.

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