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BreakingModern — Retailers haven’t wasted any time courting customers with in-store and online deals since the beginning of the month. Still, it’s a challenge to know what store or site has the best deal.

AC_Black_Friday_Deal_Finder crowd in best buyMajor stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon will all have at least 20 percent off on selected items. But buyer beware: these retailers often feature different discounts for the exact same item. It can be overwhelming. Don’t be fooled by the numbers — many of these great deals aren’t that great.

Find the right deals. Now!

Nerdwallet has done most of the work already. It’ll be finding deals on all appliances, from iPads to kitchenware (and everything in between). The personal finance site has found the best deals on these items by comparing prices from all the retailers, which saves you a ton of time and trouble.

Nerdwallet has already listed Best Buy as having the lowest price for the Apple iPad Air (16G) - $319.99, which compares to Amazon’s price of $385.00 this Black Friday. Another notably low-priced deal is the Vizio E600i-B3 60-inch Smart TV that Amazon will sell at $499 — a 47 percent discount from the original $900. This deal is significantly lower than what Walmart and Best Buy priced the TV at — $799.

FatWallet is another source that will keep you up to date on all the latest deals. You can specify what you’re looking for — whether it’s a particular retail store or just comparing prices. For example, if you’re looking to stock up on DVDs, check out Walmart. The retail chain will sell over 200 DVDs between $4-10, and FatWallet will guide you through them all. The site has a bunch of advanced options to help steer you toward the best deals in other stores and other price ranges.

FatWallet works with multiple stores to advertise the best sales going on. They also have a Black Friday Android and iOS app that will be a lifesaver when finding deals on the go.

For BMod, I’m Alicia Chinatomby.

Image/Feature credit: Diariocritico de Venezuela via Flickr Creative Commons

Alicia Chinatomby

Author: Alicia Chinatomby

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