Instagram: 400 Million Users and Still Growing

BreakingModern — A few weeks ago Instagram revealed its latest and greatest accomplishment. The social networking service reached an all-time high of over 400 million users. One hundred million of those users have joined since the beginning of this year. This new record bests Twitter’s 316 million monthly active users (and even Pinterest, which falls far behind with only 100 million users).

Back in 2012, Facebook paid a cool $1 billion for Instagram and it looks like that investment is paying off in spades. Forbes reports that Instagram will be worth $1.5 billion in 2016 and $2.8 billion in 2017.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), more than half of Instagram users are in Europe and Asia. Each day there’s more than 80 million photos shared on the app, an increase of 10 million compared to June of this year. Plus, over 40 billion photos have been shared on the app since its launch in 2010.


Among the site’s 400 million users are many well-known personalities such as David Beckham and Caitlyn Jenner. In the ever-expanding world of Instagram celebrities, you can find Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift bunched up together with the top number of followers — which usually represents a fan base of around 47-49 million.

Besides celebs, Instagram is so insanely popular that each time something major happens (like Kanye West announcing his 2020 presidential bid or Donald Trump’s deterring presidential run), users get straight to work on those wonderful memes shared by millions of people. Instagram, of course, is filled with lots of regular folks too. Some of the most reposted accounts come from Sarcasm Only (@Sarcasm_only) and The Good Quote (@thegoodquote).

In the tech industry, founder and CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom is one person worth following. His account is filled with beautiful scenery and it documents his journey of meeting people in other industries.


Mashable’s (@mashable) tagline is the voice of the digital generation and that it is. This account is filled with some pretty awesome gadgets, exciting travel adventures and some breathtaking views. Just looking at a few pictures, everyone will want to think twice about how they take pictures.


In sports, pugilist Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) is one of the most popular trending users. If he’s not making headlines from his boxing matches, he’s doing so by mixing it up with other celebrities on social media.

As for entrepreneurs, following any of the cast members on Shark Tank is always a good idea. For instance, Mark Cuban (@mcuban) proves that a work-life balance is possible. On his account you can find photos of him at the gym, bonding with family and taking care of business matters.


Richard Branson (@richardbranson) is a well-respected man in the business world. He’s constantly on the go when it comes to finding ways to be innovative and have loads of fun at the same time. His Instagram account proves that business and pleasure are not mutually exclusive.

Branson, Cuban, Mayweather and others have helped Instagram boost its ongoing popularity. The numbers don’t lie. Four hundred million users prove that Instagram is the place to be in the social media multiverse.

For BMod, I’m Alicia Chinatomby.

All Screenshots: Alicia Chinatomby

Alicia Chinatomby

Author: Alicia Chinatomby

Based in New York City, Alicia Chinatomby covers trends and personalities for BreakingModern. Follow her at @AliciaC_7 on Twitter.

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