Jack-o’-Lantern Carving Ideas: App Review

BreakingModern — Nothing says Happy Halloween! more than a scary Jack-o’-Lantern on your front porch. But this is the 21st century and the standard iconic Jack-o’-Lantern just won’t cut it anymore. If you’re going to show up the neighbors, or even better, win the pumpkin carving contest at this year’s Halloween party, you’re going to need some inspiration and a plan.

Arm yourself with these two free apps and make your friends and neighbors green (and orange) with envy.


Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Ideas from ZaleBox, is free to download for Android on Google Play. There’s no third-party advertising in the app, which is a pleasant surprise. There is, however, a tab devoted to other available ZaleBox apps.


The primary purpose of Pumpkin Carving Ideas is inspiration. The first three tabs of the app contain a collection of dozens of Jack-o’-Lantern images. Some of the images are basic, some are clever, but most are real works of art. Depending on your artistic and carving abilities, you’ll undoubtedly be inspired by at least some of what you find in the app’s galleries.

To further inspire your creativity, there are also two tabs leading to dozens of patterns you can use to create your award-winning Jack-o’-Lantern. Print out one of the patterns and trace it to your pumpkin and you’ll have a head start toward an awe-inspiring creation.

Carve It!

The Carve It! App from Redrom Interactive is also free to download for Android on Google Play. However, if you want to get rid of the advertisements and unlock all of the features of the app, you’ll have to pony up 99 cents for the full version.


Carve It! Is the app you want once you have received your inspiration. Think of it as a paint program specifically designed for pumpkins. Using the various provided shapes and colors, you can apply your inspired ideas to a virtual pumpkin before you actually reach for a knife. After all, you don’t want to start carving without a plan, do you?

In addition to perfecting how you’ll carve your pumpkin, Carve It! also provides tools for drawing on your Jack-o’-Lantern masterpiece. The best Jack-o’-Lanterns around these days require both drawing and carving, so you’ll need tools for both. With this app, you are only limited by your imagination.

No Excuses

With these two free Android apps at your disposal, there’s no more room for excuses. Get inspired, get a pumpkin and get carving.

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