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BreakingModern — Recently, I reviewed an app created by Major League Baseball that gives baseball fans the tools they need to track their favorite teams and players. While tracking baseball stats is all well and good, sometimes a fan needs to see the action live and in person. This is where the Ballpark app comes into play.

Ballpark Personality

One of the most endearing traits of major league baseball since its inception in the late 1800s is the distinct and varied personalities of ballparks across the country. Places like Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium have quirks and stories that transcend their status as merely a place to play and watch a baseball game.

With a tool like Ballpark, fans can discover the specific quirks that give a specific ballpark character and plan to take advantage of them, or avoid them when necessary. I’m reviewing the Android version of the app, but there’s an Apple iOS version as well.


The App

When you start the Ballpark app you will be asked to login or create an account. Having an account will allow the app to remember your favorite teams and your preferences for notifications and other customized settings.


Once you establish your preferences, you will see the main screen where you can select the team and ballpark you are interested in. The Cincinnati Reds are the closest major league baseball team to me geographically, so I’m going to choose the Great American Ballpark.

Incidentally, this is where the 2015 Major League All Star Game will be played on July 14.


Besides a nice photo of the ballpark, users can see when the next game is scheduled, buy tickets, upgrade tickets and check in when they arrive at the stadium.

Scroll down the page and you can get access to promotional information and can even check road maps and get directions so you don’t get lost on the way.


For me, the most important feature of the at Ballpark app is the map of the ballpark itself because this is where you can find the best seats to buy based on proximity to not only the field but restrooms, concessions and the all-important beer stand.

If you still need more information about the ballpark you are in, you can consult the A-Z Guide, sort of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Ballpark.


Once you arrive at the ballpark and check in, users can track the game and document their experiences using the app’s journal feature.

Better Baseball

Major League Baseball wants you to enjoy yourself no matter which game or ballpark you attend, so it has provided fans with a free app to enhance their time at the ballpark. The Ballpark app is simple to use and more than just a bit useful. If you find yourself attending a baseball game in an unfamiliar city and ballpark, this app can make your experience just a little more pleasant. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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Featured Image Credit: Great American Ballpark. Wikimedia Commons

All Screenshots: Mark Kaelin

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