HTC Rumor Watch: Vine Whispers

BreakingModern — Excitement is building for a variety of tech communities as we inch closer to Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015). This premier mobile convention, which happens every year at around this time in Barcelona, kicks off  March 2.

HTC, the company that owns and cocreates this site with us, has a big announcement in Barcelona, one that’s scheduled before the show even starts. What’s it going to be? Rumors abound. And real clues can be found on HTC’s Vine page, HTC is literally counting down the days until it can reveal … well, we don’t really know what the company will reveal. You never know. Guessing is all part of the fun.

Message in the Vines

HTC has been ramping up its connections to media ever since it launched the RE Camera.  As of CES 2015, those devices became capable of live YouTube streaming. It’ll be interesting to see what additional entertainment goals the company has set its sights on.

Popcorn Vine by HTC

In terms of smartphones, HTC’s Desire line focused on snapping photos and sharing them seamlessly in a number of ways, but it’s been nearly a year since we’ve seen (or heard tell of) a new HTC One smartphone. Maybe this is the “classic — remixed?” Rumors tend to fly when it comes to new tech, so we’ve rounded up a number of the rumors here.


Classic Vine by HTC

The Vine channel serves as a good outlet for the youthful company. We particularly enjoyed the “sweater weather” post, and wonder exactly how long that took to film. You can follow anything HTC with a variety of hashtags — #htconem8, #RE, #BoomSound and #htc are just a few to get started. And #MWC15 will bring you right into the convention frenzy, where all major (and minor) tech companies will debut new products.

It’s a good thing February is a short month! What are you looking forward to?

Featured/Image credit: HTC One (M8)” by Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr Creative Commons

Disclaimer: HTC and aNewDomain Media co-produce this site, and its editors and writers are paid accordingly.

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