Need Some Personal Assistance? These Three Apps Make You Feel Like a Celebrity

BreakingModern — What do celebrities have that we don’t have? If you said charm, talent and money, you might be right. But they also have personal assistants, helpful staff and other weathered (and well-paid) professionals ready to offer expert advice on everything from cooking to banking to legal matters.

Sounds nice, right? Who doesn’t want a well-informed partner in crime whose job it is to make your life easier? Well, since we now officially live in the future, there are a few apps that allow you to replicate the experience of having a professionally trained assistant or mentor right by your side.


If you’ve ever wanted your own personal chef, or just someone to talk you through the art of making a complicated soufflé, the TalktoChef app is here to help. The app allows you to chat directly with a professional chef whenever you come across an impenetrable cooking problem, whether you’re trying to bake Grandma’s apple pie, steam a live lobster or whip up some tricky béarnaise sauce.

The app works like Skype, so you’ll be conversing face-to-face with a helpful cook who specializes in the cuisine you’re trying to recreate. And if your chef’s advice doesn’t work, or she makes nasty comments about the way you whisk your eggs? You don’t have to pay — although if you do like your chef, give her a nice tip. Don’t be stingy — imagine you’re a wealthy celebrity giving out Christmas bonuses to the staff.


You may not have the panache, money or social connections to surround yourself with the world’s greatest thinkers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still solicit their advice. Try Audvisor, an app that lets you hear insightful words from the “World’s Top Experts.” These authors, dealmakers and entrepreneurs will pump you up and counsel you to greatness via three-minute monologues meant to be consumed while you’re in transit, so as not to interrupt your busy schedule. Suddenly, paying thousands of dollars to surround yourself with experts sounds like a silly idea. You’ve got them all right in your pocket for free.


Do you find yourself fed up with the depersonalization of shopping these days? The automated emails, the blank-faced delivery man, the confusing manuals? Why can’t you have a personal shopper and delivery man, as well as an assistant to help you figure out your new iPhone 6s without squinting at instructions formatted in point 2-sized text?

If you live in New York or the San Francisco Bay Area, your wish has just come true. Enjoy sells high-quality gadgets that require a little bit of knowhow to plug in or use properly (think GoPros, Xboxes and Specialized Turbo Bikes). An Enjoy employee hand-delivers the doodad on the same day you order it, and — get this — sticks around to show you exactly how it works. That’s right, you get your very own, live, knowledgeable assistant to help you sort out your new high-tech watch. Doesn’t get any more celebrity than that.

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