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BreakingModern – Chef, I want one game review on the double. Burn it and make it fly! Hey, it’s Puching with another amazing mobile game review. This one’s called Order Up!! To Go, and it comes from the good folks at Chillingo.

But wait a minute. You guys are probably thinking, What’s up, dude? What bizarre reason would prompt you to review a game about food?

Well, for one thing, reviewing a food game isn’t that outlandish considering the heightened popularity of Diner Dash. And besides, I’m here to tell you that Order Up!! To Go features awesome gameplay as well as smooth time management mechanics.

The premise of the game is simple. As the chef, you are dropped onto a remote island with a variety of restaurants, and you work yourself up the ladder. There are a total of five restaurants — starting with a cheap greasy-spoon diner and ending with a fancy French restaurant. Each eatery has its own menu that allows you to earn money and unlock new items.

What really impresses me about this game is the sheer variety of items listed on each restaurant’s menu. Each menu has 16 dishes divided into four rows of four. After the last item in each row is unlocked, the player receives a visit from a food critic. And if you earn a good review, you receive a huge amount of money.

I was happy to see that Chillingo doesn’t skimp on the cooking details. Each dish is prepared in different steps. The chef must slice, dice and prep all the ingredients. And afterward, those ingredients need to be cooked. It doesn’t seem so bad when there’s only one dish ordered. But when the dishes start piling up the time management component of the game comes into play.

More than anything, what I really admire about Order Up!! To Go is the amount of details the designers have put into each restaurant. Every place has its own menu, its own set of customers and even its own waiter. These details make the game come alive.

Order Up!! To Go rises above other dining games by including special customers and special menu items. The customers tend to demand extra service, which can lead to bigger tips. Likewise, special menu items include special ingredients that can also lead to larger tips.

If you think cooking gameplay has gotten too repetitive over the years, Order Up!! To Go may surprise you. There are a couple of mini-games included that involve chopping up carrots and peppers. I like these mini-games because they add depth to a mobile game, something you don’t usually see beyond a console or PC. These games-within-a-game show how much effort Chillingo puts into its products. Also: The guy who hosts the Top Chef-like competition sounds like Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. You’ve got to love that Asian accent.

If I had to nitpick, I might criticize the game for not allowing any customization. And, I hate to admit it, but the graphics aren’t the best in the world. The lack of customization disappoints me, since everything else in Order Up!! To Go is spot on. I guess it’s what separates a good from a great game.

Overall, Order Up!! To Go gets an 8/10. This is a good game; it has fun gameplay, great variety and good entertainment value. Plus, it’s awesome for whenever you’re craving food. I wouldn’t say this game is limited to foodies, but if you are a foodie, I would highly recommend it. Order Up!! To Go is free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS. And, yes you heard me correctly. It’s free.

For BMod, I’m Puching Zhang.

All image credits: Chillingo

Puching Zhang

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Based in Chicago, Puching Zhang covers the gaming beat for BreakingModern.

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