Santa’s Twerk Shop: Fun for Everyone

BreakingModern — If you want to start off your holiday celebration with some laughs, check out Santa’s Twerk Shop by JibJab. This app is available for both Android on Google Play and Apple iOS. It sells for $.99, but as I write this it is available for a limited time for free in the iTunes app store. A similar app called the Elf Dance by JibJab can also be found for Android on Google Play for free, but seems to be unavailable in the iTunes store.

JibJab is “a digital media company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing.” The company does this by allowing you to make yourself and your loved ones the stars of the show. Both Santa’s Twerk Shop and the Elf Dance made everyone in my family laugh and laugh.

How to Twerk (with Santa)

Using it is so simple that even the younger kids can do it. You upload a photo that you take on the spot, or use photos that you have on your smartphone, tablet or Facebook. Then you cast five of the chosen people to star in your show, which is a hilarious holiday dance.

As shown below, you can easily rotate and zoom in and out of the face you want to use to get it in the proper position. You can also add more than five people and choose the ones you want to perform the dance together. Unfortunately, the Twerk dance will not start unless you add all five people. It would be nice if you could add only two or three.

The dance involves a lot of holiday graphics, including Santa Claus. The twerking is mostly just the cartoon characters with your personalized faces shaking their rear ends. It is not really sexy, so the kids can enjoy it as much as the adults. Here’s a link to the video I created. The link takes you to directly to the JibJab website where you’ll see advertisements to buy more stuff (and my hilarious video, of course!)

There is no doubt that the Twerk Shop app will give you $.99 worth of fun. And, as I mentioned above, if you’re interested in more hilarity, JibJab has many additional animation options on its website. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase anything on the iTunes app store. Instead, you have to visit the JibJab website and pay a monthly $1.50 subscription fee (automatically renewed for an entire year). I realize that the company makes more money this way, but I would rather purchase an app than sign up for a monthly payment — especially one that will automatically renew unless I turn off that option after purchase.

Since I read some comments that this app didn’t work properly, I installed it on six different tablets and phones and it worked perfectly on each.

The videoes that JibJab produces are great. Santa’s Twerk Shop is fun and worth the price, but I just wish that JibJab would offer us better purchasing and saving options.

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