Seven Dumb Things You’re Wasting Money On

BreakingModern — Let’s face it. There are a lot of bright and shiny things in this world. And many of them are worth every penny. But if your monthly credit card bill is killing your bank account, you might need to cut back on your spending habits. You don’t need to join a pricey gym, for example. And maybe you can live without your premium cable subscription. But don’t despair, there’s good news. You don’t have to give up eating pizza! Here are seven ways to help keep money in your piggy bank.



The average cable bill is on the rise. According to the NPD Group, a market research company, 2015’s average bill will be about $123. Is watching The Voice or Real Housewives really worth over $1,400 a year? For what you pay in a month of regular cable, you could get a year’s worth of Hulu or Netflix streaming.

There’s the also slightly more controversial, but completely free, Popcorn Time. Developed by people from all over the world, Popcorn Time had a turbulent start in 2014. If you choose to use it, be aware that it’s a BitTorrent client and that downloading certain copyrighted content maybe illegal depending on where you live.


Car-related expenses may be eating way too much of your monthly income. Try biking or walking when you can or carpooling to work or school if you have a friendly neighbor going the same way.


If you have to pay back a loan or you’re battling your way out of credit card debt, why are you buying a $20 bottle of wine? Unless you’re a sommelier, try a bottle (or two) of Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s or learn how to make hunch punch to entertain guests. Trust me, it’ll get the job done and you’ll hate yourself marginally less in the morning.


Gym Memberships

Gym culture has exploded in recent decades, but that doesn’t mean you have to join in to get your fitness on. Join a local fitness group or start taking your dog on laps around the park. If you’d rather stay indoors, try an old Jillian Michaels DVD or a Just Dance game (about the same price as a cheeseburger). Even yoga on YouTube seems like a better ROI when your wallet is $50 richer each month.


Let’s face it — it’s hard to resist the awesome lure of technology. But do you really need the latest and the greatest gewgaw? While technology can help you manage your finances with great apps like Mint and Credit Karma, it can also land a crater in your bank account that will take months to recover from. Refurbished and used gizmos are worth considering if you’re an electronics junkie — eBay and Gazelle have great prices that will make you feel a little bit better about your spending splurge.

Household Cleaners

Typical household cleaners contain bleach, ammonia and other nasty chemicals that aren’t worth whatever you’re shelling out. Vinegar, baking soda and lime are all examples of everyday household items that can get the same job done without giving you a migraine or burning the hairs out of your nostrils.


Pizza is the perfect food, containing an ingredient from each tier of the food pyramid, so you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it. But you should also know that you never have to pay for pizza again. With a quick lesson about mystery shopping from the Penny Hoarder, you’ll soon learn how much major companies need you to eat their pizza for free. Score.

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