Soccer Rally 2: World Championship [review]

BreakingModernSoccer Rally 2: World Championship is one of the best games I have ever played. The premise is genius, the mechanics are awesome and the graphics are spectacular. It’s a lot like Rocket League, combing FIFA and Forza Motorsports into probably one of the greatest mobile games of all time.

Soccer Rally 2

The premise of the game is simple, you play as a car in a one-to-one soccer match against another car. There are four different manufacturers, each having several different classes of cars.

Just like in Forza Motorsports and other racing games, cars are ranked on a letter scale from F to S based on their performance (your starting rank is based on your car’s initial power). With upgrades, however, you can actually advance your favorite car’s skill level. That’s cool.

Beyond the upgrades, the greatest thing about Soccer Rally 2 is found in the customization. It is nothing less than spectacular. There isn’t an RGB color model available to get every color in the spectrum, but it’s good enough). There are also a lot of decals to shop for (around 40-something, I would guess), and lots of different patterns too.

Now let’s talk about the soccer part of the game (the gameplay). Cars playing soccer isn’t an original idea, it’s been done with games like Rocket League with huge success. However, I would say Soccer Rally 2: World Championship is the best of the bunch. There is diversity in each stadium that resembles some classic sports games such as NBA Street. And as you progress, you eventually play in bigger and better stadiums.

And the game gets better. As you advance through the matches, you don’t play with soccer balls anymore. Instead, tournaments are played with footballs, basketballs and other balls. And this helps reduce repetitive gameplay.

Soccer Rally 2

The greatest addition to the game, I have to say, is the World Championship tournament. During this tourney you can pick one of 50 different countries and play toward the championship. Each country has its own epic paint scheme, which helps to make an extremely colorful spectacle. The graphics are spectacular with awesome 3-D rendering (which is somewhat scarce for a mobile game). To top it all off, there’s even a multiplayer feature, where you can pick either a national paint scheme or design your own car to pit against your friends or a stranger from across the country.

Soccer Rally 2: World Championship gets a full 10/10 rating and my epic seal of approval. What else can I say? This game is truly one of the best mobile games I’ve played since Asphalt 8: Airborne. The graphics are beautiful, the premise is absolutely genius and the sheer customization options defy the limits of math. Soccer Rally 2: World Championship is free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS. Do yourself a favor and get this awesome game!

For BMod, I’m Puching Zhang.

All Screenshots: Puching Zhang

Puching Zhang

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