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BreakingModern — Music is a fundamental part of the human experience — everyone has a favorite symphony, a favorite melody, a favorite beat or some combination of those musical concepts. Figuring out the lyrics to popular songs (especially since the invention of rock’n’roll) has often been a frustratingly futile endeavor.

This is where the app Song Lyrics & More from the Genius Media Group can help.

song lyrics


The Song Lyrics & More app for Android gives you mobile access to the Genius website and its vast collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge. The app is free, but to get the most out of it, you’ll probably want to register with the website.

Registration will give you the right to add annotations to song lyrics and become part of the crowdsourced knowledge base for the site and the app. If you have some deep insight into the lyrics of a particular song, you can share it with everyone and add to their enlightenment.

The Song Lyrics & More app is easy to use and the interface is about as intuitive as an app can be. The main screen shows you the songs the crowd is currently talking about. As an old guy, I’m not familiar with the Top 40 playlist these days, but when I tapped the top entry on the main page, I was taken to a page listing the lyrics to “The Hills” by The Weekend. That one song has millions of views.

Song Lyrics

From this page, you can read the lyrics to “The Hills,” complete with annotations about what the crowd thinks the lyrics mean. You can also watch the video that goes with the song using the YouTube app on your device. Some of the annotations will also reveal news and trivia about the artists.

That’s Settled

One of the most famous cases of misunderstood lyrics is the controversy created by the song “Louie Louie” by the Kingsman. The lyrics are unintelligible when you listen to the song because of the way it was recorded, which lead to all sorts of theories by conservative, anti-rock’n’roll types about what the song was actually about. There was even an FBI investigation.

However, when you read the lyrics in the Song Lyrics & More app you can see that the song is just about a guy missing his girl. Too bad this app wasn’t around back in the ’60s, it would have saved a lot of time and angst.

Song Lyrics

So, the next time you find yourself arguing with that guy who thinks he know everything about your favorite song (including what the lyrics actually mean), whip out your Song Lyrics & More app and set him straight. It won’t be the only time you use the app, but it could be the most satisfying. Song Lyrics & More is free to download for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS.

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